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    Quote Originally Posted by turbooxide View Post
    the selling point of the new nano's with video recording is to try to sway the people buying the ultra portable video recording devices (ala Flip). i don't see the relevance with the Pre either. iphone with video recording vs pre would be more relevant, but there's plenty of threads of the iphone vs pre.

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    I think the point is even a small mp3 player has video and our cutting edge phone does not. It doesn't matter if the nano does video well. It does it.

    Now, when the pre does video I want it to be done well. I do not want to see palm push out anything hasty. However, there is a danger of waiting too long when smartphones are expcted to do video now.

    That's why I don't understand when people say that they don't want video. You may not want it but when people are comparing devices that is something that can defintetly nudge someone with all things being equal: price, speed, coverage etc. I may not care about video but others do and I want to see as many people adopt webos as possible so it grows and is embraced by more developers
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    It's their top selling ipod and accounts for 45% of their sales.
    top selling single product mabe, but you sort of proved my point. Everyone else buys something better.
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    I could do without video recording. I think there are other fixes at hand. Though it would be nice to have. I can't say I would die if they never did it. I just want apps and games. I really want stand alone navigation too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    top selling single product mabe, but you sort of proved my point. Everyone else buys something better.
    huh? maths not your strong point?

    everyone else buys one of the other 10 versions (taking up the different memory sizes together) that add up to 55% together. This means your statement that the nano isn't exactly one of their hottest sellers is completely and utter rubbish, it is their hottest product by a mile. How you can twist that into "you sort of proved my point" is beyond me.
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