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    A true statement based upon my experience of the last few days.

    The other day I purchased and installed Apple's latest upgrade, Snow Leopard. It has a new feature in Address Book that allows anyone to synch to Google. Previously the option only appeared in Address book preferences after one had synched an iPhone or iPod Touch to their Mac. Since I have a Touch, I have been synching from my Mac to Google to Pre, and back, with no serious issues.

    After installation, I found that nothing would synch upward, not even to Google let alone the Mac, from the Pre. Mac to Google to Pre was fine.

    I posted in a thread here and on Palm forums, and one or two individuals had the same problem. I deleted and reinstalled the google account several times, but to no avail. Neither forum offered any solutions, so I called Palm.

    I was given a Palm Help Google Address and password, and told to add it to my Pre. I did, and was able to synch both ways with Google without a problem. I was then asked to export my contacts from Google Contacts to my hard drive, and then delete my contacts from Google Contacts in Gmail.

    The above additional step did the trick. After once again deleting the account from my Pre, and rebooting, I imported the contacts from the CSV file into Gmail on the desktop, added the account back to my Pre, and all was well. I could synch both ways again.

    Then I added a contact in Apple's Address Book, and synched to Google, and then the Pre. I tried to edit it on the Pre and it would not synch to Google. I then tried to edit older Google Contacts (It's my default account on the Pre) and they would not synch either.

    I then repeated the above steps, this time unchecking "Synch with Google" in my Mac's Address Book. The Pre is now synching both ways again.

    I can only conclude that Snow Leopard's Address Book is corrupting the contacts in Google and then the Pre. I should add that contacts created in Google were able to be edited and synched back to Google.

    A few things that may be helpful to those who know more than me:

    Not long after I purchased a launch day Pre, I discovered the Mac would add a second space after the city and comma, and a second space again after the state when synched to Google contacts. Before Palm removed the info button in 1.1 (when editing a contact address), it would jumble the different fields up in the Pre. The additional spaces still appear.

    A space appears in front of every phone number on the Pre, when created on the Pre or otherwise. If one tries to edit it out, it just reappears when hitting the "done" button.

    All contacts named as business's on the Pre now appear in Address Book as "no name". "Company" is not checked in the edit field on Address Book but if one does that the name then appears correctly. This was not an issue for me prior to Snow Leopard.

    I know the problem surely must go deeper than what appears above, but I just wanted to point out my observations.

    So did they do it on purpose or what?
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    having the same problem...but one caveat...mine was working for a while in between. Deleting and re-adding my contacts worked for me while snow leopard was installed and syncing with address book until just before the 1.31 my syncing is broken just as described is quite annoying. I would really like my address book to sync to have a "hard back-up" as opposed to having everything in the cloud whether google or palm! Any solutions??
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    temporary solution: back up google contacts via export to csv. delete google contacts. go to address book in mac, change preference of vCard settings to 2.1 instead of 3.0. import contacts back to google. Delete google account on phone, re-add on phone. Now changes made on google or phone show up on the other. DO NOT MAKE CHANGES IN ADDRESS BOOK ON YOUR MAC...this prevents future changes for that contact on the phone from uploading to gmail. However, it still syncs with gmail and your phone when changes are made to either (so it basically works as a back up). This solution does not seem to be 100% though, after a few changes on contacts on either gmail or your phone, the syncing seems to only work intermittently for whatever reason (yes, I wasted lots of time testing). However, it does work for the most part.

    Of course as you are deleting contacts with this temporary fix, be very careful and backup properly
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    After the iTunes fiasco, I really wonder if this is a bug of some sort or deliberate...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    After the iTunes fiasco, I really wonder if this is a bug of some sort or deliberate...
    If deliberate...(and that's a big IF), it's ridiculous on Apple's part.

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