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    I was on the bus this afternoon and two girls on their AT&T phones were trying to browse the web, one on their iPhone.

    They were having issues, so they were turning their phones around and shaking them as if it would help their signal strength :/

    I had 5 bars

    Sprint = Win. AT&T around my area is fail.
    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive
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    Everyone I know with an iPhone has this same problem. Hardly any 3g in the area. Only in certain parts. I have no problems with Sprint and my Pre. What good does it do to have such a "badass" phone if you have no service?
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    my buddy just updated his iphone through my pre
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    You can be sure if the iPhone lands on Verizon it will or may have the same effect on them. They say that iPhone users use ten times the bandwidth of other similar phones. Funny that the iPhone would save AT&T and now as far as services could actually hurt them. My roommate has the 3gS and doing speed test my PRE was actually 5 times faster...hell my old Instinct was faster than his phone...

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