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    In spite of the many excellent posts on how to do this, I am struggling at 1:30 am to figure this out before jumping on the plane in a few hours. I have searched the threads and followed their advice - restarted my computer countless times and think I am close - until I try to sync.

    I want to be able to keep my VDx up until I can beam myself the programs I already have to the Clie. Therefore I want to sync both handhelds to my Outlook profile. So far I have gotten as far as the pocket mirror step and corporate workgroup setting. I'm now downloading something from Chapura which is taking forever.

    At this rate I'm taking the Vdx on my trip tomorrow.

    HELP! My Clie is a beautiful but empty PDA at the moment.
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    Again Visor Central to the rescue! After clicking off one user name in the hot sync log, everything worked. I may not need to take the Vdx on my trip - if I wake up in time for it!

    By the way, isn't the Clie 760 similar in size to the Vdx? When I hold it up, side by side, they are pretty similar. But then there's color and MP3 capability on the Clie.
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    As I recall from when I was looking at getting a CLIE, the CLIE is slightly smaller in every dimension than the VDx.
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.
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    The Clie is bulky but what pretty images. However, I miss my trusty VDx especially Datebook + which I love and City Time (useless but fun). What's a good free color puzzle type game?
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    Originally posted by pel in chicago
    The Clie is bulky but what pretty images. However, I miss my trusty VDx especially Datebook + which I love and City Time (useless but fun). What's a good free color puzzle type game?
    Look for a game called "Vexed" it is the best and very addictive.

    You can find it at
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    I was on the first rush of buyers of the VDX, having waited for about 4 weeks in November of 1999. After two years with the trusty device, I have succumbed to the flash and fancy of the Sony Clie 610.

    It is hard to beat the resolution, and speed. I have had to buy DateBk4, since I miss some of the features of the datebook in the VDX, but it is a beauty.

    You got to see it and handle it to believe it.

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    With the corporate workgroup configuration, whenever I hit send/receive the computer is basically disabled until the messages clear. With the regular mode, you could still surf the web or read other messages. What gives?

    I'm starting to enjoy the new Clie but haven't figured how to get my Memory Stick to work (error message trying to download MP3). The screen is beautiful.

    How do you download photos to your address book? I have them in JPEG format on the computer already.

    Thanks. Still miss the Visor a bit.
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    I have just started to use my Clie. Have had it for about 2 weeks, and am still waiting for my memory stick to come from the rebate department.

    What I can't believe is that I have only 1.6 mb left on the 8 mb that comes on it. I only had used about 3 mb on my VDX. Oh well, that's why we need the memory stick.

    I am looking forward to putting pictures in "albums" so that I can have them rotate through on my desk at the office. But haven't gotten to that yet.

    But for now, I am a VERY HAPPY CAMPER. Although I feel a bit like a traitor. Until I pick up the Clie - no buyer's remorse here.

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    The entire reason I chose the 760C was for MP3 capability. So far I have read the manual, used the jukebox program and reformatted the memory stick to no avail. I cannot copy any files to the Memory stick. The troubleshooting is really nonexistent. Have you had this problem?

    I too feel very guilty about the Visor. However, I am loving the color games and am addicted to HMaki (very similar to a game called Marbles that I play on the web).

    Still haven't read up about the pictures, but the MP3 file situation with the inability to transfer secondary to invalid media is driving me nuts. I even tried to convert an audio CD I own to the MP3 format and it wouldn't transfer.
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    I don't have MP3 support on my 610, and haven't gotten my memory stick yet, but there is a program called MS Import on the Clie, part of the standard install package.

    This should be used to identify the Memory Stick as a device, and allow you to transfer software from the active ROM to the Memory Stick and back.

    If you don't have MS Import on your Clie, I would think that is your first step.

    Also, I discovered that there is an update for the MSImport tool on Sony's website. I am not sure how it differs from the one included with the install package, but you might want to try that.

    You also might want to call Sony support. I did for another problem, and they were very helpful - not really knowledgeable - but for this they should know what to do.

    Let me know. When I get my Memory Stick, I will be getting into this.

    BTW, you need to download Vexed. This is the best free game I have seen for the Palm OS in color. Even my wife likes playing it.
    But be careful. . . . . . it's addictive.

    Good Luck.

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    I have both Vexed and HMaki. I prefer HMaki because Vexed gets me just that at times! I recommend both.

    Also backgammon looks much better on the Clie with an almost 3D effect.

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