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    If the objective of the post was to warn the treo users what to expect, it would have been more useful posted at a treo forum as oppose to a pre forum. Good to know the phone did not work out for you.
    I don't think so. Treocentral is pretty much dead at this point. All the treo users thinking about migrating to the Pre will be reading theses forums, not the Treo forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geodosch View Post
    Your statement makes it sound as if the Pre has one single function, and it either does that or does not do it. There are many, many things the Pre does, and the vast majority of those things it does as well or better than my Treo did. There are some significant gaps, but I'm betting that Palm will fix them soon, so I'm willing to deal with those issues in the meanwhile, so that I can take advantage of the good features.
    I don't think it does but just to be clear, whatever replaces my Centro is going to have to work at least as well as a phone and email device. The Centro is not even that good as a phone (at least compared to Motorola and RIM devices). BT OBEX is just one must have feature. There are plenty of others. For example it will also have to have PIM software that is at least almost as good.

    Many here are willing to buy the Pre and wait for Palm to implement the features they want. I will wait until Palm implements the features I want before buying a Pre.
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