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    Looking to buy a pocketpc. Not interested in Palm as I've owned a Visor and Palm device.

    I'm torn between the Casio e-200 and Ipaq 3835/50.

    The biggest draw for the Casio is built in CF slot as well as SD drive. However it's a new unit, and not proven.

    The Ipaq is widely popular, has a lot of expansions, proven, but no internal CF.

    For me, I think CF will be important...but then again, I wonder how important? I do want to be able to link up to my wireless lan at home, would like the option of viewing images shot on a digital cam in the unit (see other post) and possibly listen to mp3's (along with all other features of pda's)

    Both units cost the same. However to get CF features on the Ipaq, I'd have to buy an expansion for an extra $100-$150 or that ups it's cost. And then it adds bulk and is something extra to carry.

    So.....the dilemma....any suggestions?
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    I would get the iPaq over the Casio. The new iPaq 3800 series is very slick. It has built-in SD Slot and the CF Sleeve is only $39.99 at CompUSA. The PCMCIA sleeve is the expensive one, it is $149.99.

    I know nothing of the Casio, so my choice is based solely on my impression of the iPaq.
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    Well, picked the wrong place to ask the question. But toss my opinion at you anyway:

    I would definitely go with the iPaq 3800 series. So far, its the only PPC device known to have a completely sealed LCD, which means you won't have the dreaded dust problem. That alone would prompt me to choose it over the Casio.

    Also, PPC fans who have seen the Casio E-200 have commented on how "cheap" it looks. Even Jason Dunn at (the top PPC zealot) didn't like it. That says a lot.

    Just my two cents.
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    I think you should go for the iPAQ 3800 series. I'm not Pocket PC kinda guy, mainly because of the OS and size of the devices, but I do love the iPAQ hardware specs. It looks great and performs pretty well under PPC 2002. Though it's about the same as PPC 3.0 because they added so much stuff to PPC 2002. If you can live with the PPC software, then get the iPAQ 3800 series, it's some great hardware. I just can't bear the software.

    Also, the iPAQs have more than proved to be the best of the best in the PPC arena. Casio's units have been sort of popular before PPC 3.0, but not anymore. The iPAQs are clearly better than the Casio's. I dunno about before PPC though...the Cassiopeias were pretty niice. The EM-500 is nice, but that's about it. And it's expensive. Go for the iPAQ.

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    well I went for the 3835 and couldn't be happier!

    I know there are those that don't like the OS, but for me, I like it sooo much better than palm. And I'm reading about users starting to have trouble with the e200 so I'm glad I decided not to be their guinea pig.

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