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    I've had a terrible experience at school. Last week, I took out my clie to get a stylus to play a game with my friend on his visor. I'm pretty sure I put it back in my pocket, and even if I didn't it would have been very close to me. If I put it somewhere else, like in my bag or next to someone else's I would have it back by now. When I left to go to my next class, I couldn't find my clie, I looked all over the room, and it was nowhere to be found.

    I was hoping someone took it to play it, and forgot to give it back, and I would get it the next day, or today, but that wasn't the case. I've tried a lot of things, and the people I suspect I've checked out, and it seems they didn't take it. It was in my Band III class, I don't believe anyone in that class would steal it, I'm thinking its still in the room and someone picked it up, I was in the orchestra room, asked my friends to look at for it. I hope something happens or turns up...

    It's a major bummer, , I had my E&B case, the clie, 64 MB MS, and 8 MB MS. Whoever has it is a total *****! For one, the battery will die very soon, and I don't think they would be competent enough to know what they stole to buy a charger.

    All I have left is my keyboard, my cradle / charger, remote, stylus, blue cover the basic stuff. If nothing turns up in the next week, I'll have to call it quits, my Clie has been lost, forever *tears* I'll have to move on. If anyone is willing to buy my Clie keyboard and cradle / charger, that would be helpful. I think with that money I could get a Visor DX or maybe the S320 if I could afford it. Or if anyone else has something they are willing to sell to me. That was my whole PDA lifeline, I would sell my old one towards a new PDA, but I don't have one anymore.

    Your guys' help would be so great in this terrible time. I'm finally feeling the sting of not having my clie. All my homework assignments were on there, and my grade tracking. My schedule, contacts, etc. At least they're on my computer, but that doesn't help at school. Good thing my SplashID is password protected. I hope something turns up...

    Thanks guys...
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    Well, I wanna thank all you guys for helping me get my replacement Visor Edge. I really appreciate your help, losing my clie was terrible, but you guys all helped me get back up.

    Thanks to Macster! , euangel! from this board, you guys are awesome!

    My edge has come in, but it's at my friend's house, argh, gotta wait until school starts to check it out
    good artists copy, great artists steal. . .

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