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    Hi folks,

    I wasn't sure if anybody had heard about this yet or not? I did a quick search and didn't see anything, so if it is.........well my bad, and if it isn't.........well happy reading.

    Exploding iPhones: Panic, or chill? - Blogs - Yahoo! Canada Tech

    So it just proves that buying a Pre was the right choice!
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    Lmfao. An exploding iPhone.. Priceless.
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    The iPhone is not the only one to explode. Lithium batteries do have emotional problems that may cause them to explode. More than a few pilots experience emotional distress and fires when transporting them.
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    Oh I agree that this problem isn't just an I-Phone problem, but that is what the article was centred around.....and lets face it, we are Pre owners and it's fun to take the mickey out of an I-Phone ueser. LOL........
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    i agree
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    whats really interesting is this article
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    whats really interesting is this article
    Seriously.. Apple gets more and more dodgy with every single article I read about them.
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    I think one BIG factor is, if I had my Pre in my hand and it got NOTICIBLY hot...the first thing I'd do is pop the back cover off and take the battery out!

    I think that's what anyone with an IQ over 75 would do.

    Of course, with an iPod or iPhone.......

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