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    I currently have a Visor Deluxe running 3.1H3 and have been thinking that it is time for a upgrade. I really like the color Clies since with the increased resolution it really reduces the pixilation that I see on the m505 and Prism. So a color handheld would be nice.

    I am also interested in having external memory expansion. By having a Deluxe it seems I am restricted in which springboards I can use, correct me if I am wrong, so a upgrade would help there. Now with a Handsprings I would still have to rely on a springboard to access memory. What about the m50x and Clies? Can I access/run programs off their memory port right out of the box?

    Lastly, should I just wait a bit? One reason I am seriously looking to upgrade is Best Buy is having one of their Customer Appreciation weekends and 10% is nice. But with the link to the new Clies and the possibility of the PalmOS 5 that would be incompatible with existing hardware. I don't think the new Clies would be that big a deal since I have staved off upgrading till now, but if Palm releases a new OS, that hopefully will be as big as sliced bread, then I would have a machine that I could not upgrade regardless of the model.

    So, with all that in mind does anyone mind sharing their thoughts? I am trying to get a nice informed opinion on this before doing my usual impulse purchase.

    Thanks in advance...

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    I will take these in order :

    The 760C's 320 x 320 screen is beautiful in my opinion. I look at my wife's Deluxe and just shake my head. What is most surprising is that the 760C has been out quite a while and still no other manufacturer has hinted at making a 320 x 320 screen.

    The Clie 760C I believe does allow you to access applications and information dirctly from the Memory Stick without first transferring it to the on board memory (I have not tried it yet). The 760C only allows you to use Memory Stick format, however, I believe the T600C will allow you to use one other format (I am not sure which or if my information is accurate. I am sure someone else can help with this one.

    I have heard it will still be a while before OS 5 is released. I am also of the mind set that if you are waiting for the next great upgrade, you will sit on your *** and never buy anything. The next great gadget is always right around the corner and by the time it comes out, the next great thing has been anounced to make our mouth water.

    I say go for it, I have a 760C and I love it!!!
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