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    I'm afraid I'll be going for the Treo junk, but I have to admit: the T600's one sexy beast. It's the best looking handheld to date.

    Form factor is essential for me. I stopped carrying the Prism around because I couldn't carry it comfortably -- it way too cumbersome. Sony's really raised the bar for all high-end PDAs with what they've managed to cram in such a small package. I better sell my Prism before they start retailing for $129!
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    I realy hope soon that HS or Palm come out with a new color unit to compete.

    I cant wait till they make a pda that will run Acid Pro on it.. then i will ebay my PC!!!!!
    Hey baby before we start do you mind if we use my M505?
    No not for that!!!!!!!!!!
    Use it to reffer to PalmaSutra, silly???????
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    When do you think that a T6xxC would come out here in the US? I'd like to get my hands on one of those! Are there any specs on them yet?
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    I hope these T600's dont cost too much, after my clie got stolen, maybe by the time these things come out in the US, I could afford one. That or a T415 which hopefully will go down in price.

    Though...the thing I want Sony to come out with is a decent stock case! I hate those flip covers, even the one for the T415. They should come out with something like the Visor Edge, something that DOESN'T require to go out and buy a decent case. hehe...don't you guys think the same? Like $50 of my PDA investment goes toward a case, it would be nicer if I didn't have to...
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    Originally posted by slotmachine
    That makes two of us! Great link chow-man.
    Already eyeing that jewel. Yeah it doesn't have MP3 Playback biult-in but the form factor is awesome. Adding the mp3 attachment has little impact if any. The T600 is gonna be awesome. And if this baby does truly come with 16 megs, I'll be on it day one of its US release

    PS:My 710+ still rocks!!!
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    I do like the T600, but, and this may be a sin, but I'm waiting for a 'rumored' (I have NO knowledge of this) Handera color device. If they can get their form factor down a touch, I'll probably switch. If PPC's ever fix their screens, that might be an option too (the sin part).

    I love the 2 expansion options, but they have a wired CF ethernet driver, CF Modem, etc, etc. They actually get it! I just think the current edition (330), is too big. Otherwise, I'll probably switch.
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