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    Just read about this phone on CNET after I saw it on Sprint's website and it looks like a pretty cool phone. It's built from 80% recycled material with 40% of the casing made from corn-based bio-plastic and has all the basic features of a PDA that you need, including some apps that us Pre users are still waiting for. Plus it has a full QWERTY keyboard. For $50, it seems like a great deal, too!

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    It's a very nice little phone. I picked one up about 4 days ago ( I originally upgraded to a Pre, but it wasn't conducive to my line of work and returned it). It is pretty user friendly, the keyboard is very easy to use, and has most of the features of other phones I was interested in. The main thing that I liked about it was it's size and weight. It weighs next to nothing and easily fits into a shirt or pant pocket (another reason I took the Pre back).

    It can store 600 contacts, 100 speed dial numbers, and is very easy to make calls on without a lot of fumbling around. It also has voice activation mode for making calls, texting, emails, etc. Considering it was only $50 with the upgrade, it is definitely worth the money. The only drawback, so far, is it's being new and there not being a lot of accessories out for it yet. I would like to put a custom sized BodyGuards or Invisi shield on it, but there aren't any out for it yet. It feels a little fragile and have yet to drop it, and hopefully don't, but it is inevitable considering my work environment.
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    hey guys - just wondering how you're still feeling about this phone? i'm looking for a new one for my wife. she's not very tech savvy but now wants a keyboard. phone must be easy to use and not too big. she likes the way this one works and my prelim investigation looks like it may be suitable for her.
    is it intuitive to use? she's not a manual type!
    also - i see it syncs with outlook - is that a standalone outlook or via Exchange? can someone please explain how the syncing works?
    thanks for any/ all input!
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    It's very easy to use and has tutorials for everything, when you initially set up the phone. I can't answer the question about Outlook, since I don't use it. From what i understand, it does work just fine with the syncing though. The keyboard is easy to use and very functional, not too small, not too large. The size and weight are very nice (it fit's snuggly in the palm of your hand and the slider works very well).

    I would suggest getting some sort of protection for the screen, at a minimum. I purchased a case-mate clear skin for the entire phone. Took a while to install, but definitely protects the exterior of the phone. I work in law enforcement and have dropped it numerous times; mainly in the street. Hasn't received a nick or scratch. It's a great little phone for the price. My girlfriend loves it and is thinking of switching to Sprint so she can take mine (I'm thinking of switching to a Blackberry or the new Pixi, when it comes out).
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    thanks for the info! i think i may get this

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