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    Bye, drive safe!

    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    To make the decision for myself, I just asked "What do I really want?"

    And my answer - in a word - was: utility.

    I love, love, love, LOVE the potential of WebOS. I really and truly do. But it's lacking in a lot of areas of utility now that aren't excusable anymore. The photos app, lack of video recording, consistent lag, apps goes on and on.

    A lot of people here - and not without good reason - believe WebOS is worth waiting for. And it very well may be. But there's no reason one MUST wait with the Pre.

    My choice was between uncertain potential and actuality.

    Did I want the certainty of a deep, diverse app store NOW with 10K+ apps OR did I want the POTENTIAL of WebOS app catalog where the developers can't access half the hardware and must charge more due to the smaller customer base maybe getting to that level...someday...hopefully?

    Did I want the certainty of a rock solid piece of hardware with textured grip and tempered glass screen that was scratch and smudge resistant NOW or did I want a cheap, unreliable plastic equivalent with more colors and way more tendency to develop yellow blotches, cracks, oreos and other flaws as I used it?

    Did I want guaranteed-to-get-me-through-a-day-with-Heavy-use battery life NOW or the potential of Palm optimizing Pre battery life so that I could go a day without hooking it up to my car charger to and from work?

    Did I want to enjoy a real official Facebook app with auto-updating widget and system notifications NOW or did I want to alternate between the memory-devouring full site, the TweetDeck-ignoring, slow-to-update, the third party limited FF app, or another mobile Facebook site until Palm delivers their Facebook "app" with the Pixi that seriously underwhelmed in the recent beta appearance?

    I'm not going to pretend Hero does everything better than Pre because it doesn't. But FOR ME, it's the much better device now.

    Plenty of people here are willing to wait for potential, but by the time it's realized, Palm will have a new flagship handset out. Maybe two. Maybe never.

    That's the game of uncertainty one must play with Pre. I simply tired of it. It's still a very nice device that is absolutely perfect for some...hell, a lot of people. I'm just not one of them no matter how hard I tried to be. I will definitely look up WebOS down the line, tho. In the meantime, I'm not keeping my Pre, and I wouldn't advise anyone else to either. Simply from my perspective, they're missing out on way too much by waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikini View Post
    Bye, drive safe!
    Don't be a child.

    These aren't junior high teams we're cheerleading for. I plan to stay here for as long as I am interested in WebOS, which will hopefully be quite awhile.

    In the meantime, I want Palm to succeed, finish WebOS, and offer much better hardware.
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    i actually went with the hero. the palm is a great device and in time will surpass the android os, but for now the os for the pre is just too new and too slow going. i really liked the pre for the short time i had it, but always felt i was missing something. i d/l as many apps as possible to keep me occupied, but quickly fell bored with it.

    like i said the pre is a great device with alot of potential, but i am not a very patient person when it comes to phones, especially when updates dont address the issues that i have. this is just my personal oppinion about the pre. just because it did not work for me doesnt mean you shouldnt keep it
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    Android's OS to me is more like an upgrade for WinMo's OS and I hate the fact that these types of OSs have to slap on outer shells (ex. Sense UI, TouchFlo3d, etc.) so people can think they have an easy to use phone. I mean you can put lipstick on a pig know the rest.

    Pre on the other hand is something new. There's no outer shell, no "Taskkiller" needed. What you see is what you get. Its simple and easy to use the way all phones should be and the main reason iPhone sells billions. Sure Palm needs to make continued improvements, get more apps but the phones only been out for what...5 months? Give them a break.

    In the end, Palm looks at iPhone as its competition. Android as it is now can take its fight to Windows Mobile.
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    The Hero is a piece of cow dung.

    But wait until the Moment and Droid are released next month. Makes me wonder how much longer WebOS can handle the "Android crunch".
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrxdrunkie View Post
    I am not to tired of it yet, I am genuinely interested in a Pre users experience about the Hero. I love my pre, but I am already ready for something new. My biggest gripe is the hardware is so good, yet none of it is really taken advantage of.
    i have a pre and a hero on my family share account- pre is mine, hero is my girlfriend's. they both rock. the keyboard on the hero takes a bit of getting used to though, but it's not bad (i still prefer hardware keyboard though). the only complaint i really have about the hero is that it doesn't seem to flip to landscape sometimes and i can't figure it out.

    the hero is a bit more complex than the pre, but can do a lot more at this point.

    Quote Originally Posted by c4sp14nx View Post
    While the Pre technically is clocked to a speed even lower than the Hero, the responsiveness is heads and shoulders above it.
    as we should all know by now from desktop & laptop computers, clock speed isn't everything.

    WebOS is also so much more polished than Android (even with SenseUI) that it's not funny.
    i don't know if i agree here- they're polished in different areas...

    we've only had the hero a couple days, but if if i were a betting man (and i am), i'd guess that the hero is going to end up mine, and my gf is going to get the pre. i like them both, but the hero is a lot more 'techy' and i'm not sure my gf is going to like it long term...

    Quote Originally Posted by acipollo View Post
    My Hero is not laggy at all, especially compared to my Pre.
    *at all*? how's that screen rotation responsiveness for you? mine sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    I will say this of the big things that people rarely mention in comparisons is that the Hero holds a 3G signal FAR more reliably than the Pre.
    and when it loses it, it gets it back quicker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm View Post
    Makes me wonder how much longer WebOS can handle the "Android crunch".
    MotoBlur and Sense show that Palm's vision of a social organizer isn't creating much differentiation.
    Palm Vx > Treo 650 > Centro > G1 > Pre > BlackBerry 9700
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    Quote Originally Posted by sivan View Post
    MotoBlur and Sense show that Palm's vision of a social organizer isn't creating much differentiation.
    ...and their vision of multitasking (i.e., the Card System) won't be a key advantage for much longer.

    After this happens (as it most certainly will), what will Palm have left as a core advantage??
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    I guess you are right. Pre is so great out of the box no one around here needs to put it in developer mode, install desktop apps, install patches, and install homebrew apps to get it to where they need it.

    Yeah...that is so different than other mobile experiences and right up there with Apple. Yup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Really mobile View Post
    ...and their vision of multitasking (i.e., the Card System) won't be a key advantage for much longer.

    After this happens (as it most certainly will), what will Palm have left as a core advantage??
    It's a good question, android 2.0 is just around the corner and looks like it lifts features from WebOS. You have to wonder if Palm has the cash to keep up in the OS wars. The hardware is junk so if the OS gets left behind, Palm are done.
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    I bought a Pre on launch day & for the most part was happy with WebOS. I think we all know that Palm should have worked hard to have more applications available at launch... but no huge complaint. My biggest disappointment with the Pre was hardware & battery life. I went through 5 Pre's... 5 of these suckers. They did a terrible job of ensuring product quality before these phones went out the door and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. I switched to the Pre from a 1st generation iPhone that I purchased at launch. I never had any issues with the phone, so needless to say I was disappointed with my Pre experience.

    However, I must say that I picked up a Hero this week at my local sprint store & paid full price. This phone honestly makes the Pre look like a joke. The screen feels nicer, the resolution works well. I've had my phone off of the charger for 24 hours and still have a 70% charge. There are thousands of useful apps, the phone is customizable, the hardware is SOLID. I have a feeling I'm not going to miss the Pre. I might miss my Touchstone... but not the Pre.

    Anyhow... just a rant from a disappointed former Pre owner!
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    Two things keeping me away from Android:

    1) So far, all the Android phones available in the US are made by HTC. Yuck!
    2) Google sent out a cease-and-desist letter to a ROM chef because he *gasp* included apps in the ROM that already came on the damn phone!

    HTC sucks and Google is greedy. Goodbye, Android!
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    so long, farewell advetzeng goodbye...........goodbye......gooodbye
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    Well, mikah912 I am pretty sure you're a recent Hero customer and I hope I did not offend you. But I never said the Pre was "so great out of the box", I said it was easy and simple to use the way all phones should be. And given that the Pre has been out 5 months they won't have the refinements and apps a developer like Android (REL.Late 2008, Big Company-GOOGLE!vs small Palm) might have.

    This has sparked a greater need for desktop apps, patches and homebrews, something which Palm has blessed until they are able to provide this themselves.

    Give them a couple more months and I am sure you will come back to your beloved Pre! (Especially since Adobe Flash is on its way!)
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    how much was it full price cause I too like the Hero.
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    The Hero unresponsive? I have had a Pre for three months and still have it, however the Hero is FAR more responsive to touches to the Pre. How many of you have scrolled and noticed a .5 - 1 second lag? How about that annoying delay when trying to click anything on the screen? How about touch inputs not responding at all sometimes? Granted, the multitasking aspect of the Pre is fantastic, but in terms of the UI? Pitiful. I won't go into app store comparisons between the two, only because the Pre has only been out for four months.

    To be honest, the only two things the Pre has going for it are a physical keyboard and multitasking. Synergy is a joke and the fact they would not include an option to exclude AIM contacts is laughable. Throw in an unutilized GPU, shoddy build quality and having to hack in order to get fundamental features enabled on the device make the Pre Sprint's next headache after the Instinct.
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    It was like $480... However I'm selling my Pre, 2 spare batteries, car charger, touchstone, and 2 extra wall chargers on ebay.... so I feel like I should be able to make a decent return on those. The Hero is an amazing phone... let me know if you have any questions!
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    Quick question: What's the difference in terms of battey-life between the two? Is the Hero better than the Pre? (I plan on switching ASAP so I hope so...)

    "We all follow the Chelsea!!!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dtom2444 View Post
    Quick question: What's the difference in terms of battey-life between the two? Is the Hero better than the Pre? (I plan on switching ASAP so I hope so...)
    Its roughly the same IMO.
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    Both phones are responsive. There are a few differences between the phones besides the hardware.

    Hero use widgets and shortcuts to customize the "homescreens" of the phone. You can place a calendar in one screen, then a twitter widget in the next. Up to seven pages. Another thing is the scenes. You can have a scene for work in which you seven homepages will be customize for that environment. Then another scene for social, which may be different than work scene.

    Pre uses cards. You can pick and choose which cards you one up. At any moment, you can change your cards. You can always go to card view and see everything you have running. It is customizable as well. There is the homebrew option for the Pre, but that will only reach a limit number of users, so it really shouldn't be counted, but being on this forum, you know you have that option of customization.

    If you like to customize your phone, get the Hero

    If you like to multi task, get the Pre.

    App store is not finite. It is always changing. More apps come every week.

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