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    You think this is bad, you should go check out the Sprint subforum at
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    Hero has several major drawbacks which prevent me from getting it to replace my Pre...
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    I just got the Hero mid-yesterday.

    I don't want to make a sweeping pronouncement after having only owned the phone for a day, because God knows I thought the Pre was the best thing since sliced bread for several days after June 6.

    ...but I would say I think the Hero is a better device all-around. There's no question about build quality, but what amazed me was how much I dug the glass Hero display. After all of the talk of 65K colors versus 16 million, I have come to really love the Hero display. Dunno how, but it seems to pop and be more vivid than the G1 and Magic.

    Quite honestly, I didn't dig my first few hours with the Hero. It took a bit more effort (than the Pre) to get my contacts from Google and Facebook set up, and coming to Android's buttons and multitude of options after being in the Pre's minimalist experience for the past four was awkward.

    But once you adjust and get the Hero set up the way you God, it's amazing. It's great having a real Facebook app and widget. No worries of memory leaks or missing posts from TweetDeck or other services like on the Pre. Weather is always there. Calendar is always there. Everything you want is always there. I never have to think about it. No "Too Many cards" messages. I'm also falling in love with basics like voice notification, Google Voice Search, and other niceties that just make the experience easy. The virtual keyboard is an adjustment at first, but the auto-correction allows me to type FASTER than I did on the Pre sometimes. I couldn't believe it.

    Also, I think I prefer Hero's WebKit browser. While it is slower to render content-heavy sites, the text auto-fit/format is an AMAZING feature that always works right and makes many sites much more readable than they are on the Pre. Also, I have not seen ONE checkerboard scroll yet.

    And the apps?.....Ah, the selection. Truly glorious fun, and full of free goodness. Some really nice arcade-ish games too.

    Finally, this talk of Hero being laggy is a complete joke. This thing FLIES compared to the Pre. menus don't stutter. Animations always render as they should. Apps open WAY quicker, and you can keep them open without worrying about cards eating up your memory. I did download a free task killer to run in the background, but it's just icing on the cake.

    That said, Pre is objectively superior in some areas. While the Pre camera app is feature-poor and the Photos app is super slow, it takes better pictures than Hero right now and it takes them quicker. Donut will supposedly have a new camera app, and it may catch up, but it's not there now. Also, Hero's voice dialing/voice command doesn't seem to work. At all. I mean, I have my favorites set up one screen over anyway, but still. I think WebOS does have somewhat more polish all-around, too, visually and functionally speaking.

    So, I will give it the full 30 days, but weighing all the pluses and minuses as of right now...Hero is a superior handset, and Android SEEMS TO have a brighter future.

    We'll see. Just my 24-hour impressions.
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    get the pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathwish238 View Post
    lol, Android Central's forums are dead. Android Community however is pretty big.
    Yes, Android Central's forums are dead because Android Central was created late to cover Android. When Android frist came out people looked, found, stayed with, and refered websites deciated to Android when Android was first released.

    This is the same reason why Windows Mobile Experts forums are dead. This is the same reason why Pre Central is active - it's the ONLY site coving the Pre since release.
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    I have the Hero and the Pre.
    Look when I had my first Android HTC magic it was exactly like the pre. Sluggish, nothing did work as expected and the hero is just so good because htc puts a big effort in the Sense gui.
    Now half a year leater the hero is a good mobile. And yes it is better than the pre. But hey. Give the pre half a year time and I hope it will be as good as the hero.

    I will stick with the pre.. Just because its more fun and not because it is better.
    Applications will come. Don't worry. WebOS is a complete new system. Now it's up to palm to place it in the market.
    But it will only be successfull if people like us keep their pres and moan all the time to create the need for palm to make it better.

    Just my opinion..
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    I'm happy for you and hope it works out. BTW, FB only recently showed up on Android and people have been complaining about it for a long time. The Pre won't be a game machine for a while though so no point waiting there.

    WRT voice commands and dialing. It's one of those features that should work reliably or be left out. Android's doesn't cut it. It only sometimes understands, which means repeated attempts and frustration instead of making things easier. The uncertainty about whether something is going to work makes a feature like this worthless to me.

    As for the rest, like I said Android doesn't try very hard to be a PIM solution so its appeal is not enough switch. I also don't like the task management scheme.
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    Am i the only one here that is tired of the hero... seems like everytime i come on the forums i see a thread started about the hero this or the hero that...kinda like this one...sorry! This is correct? all things pre is a slogan i heard before! Then today i was headed in to a local sprint store to check out my insurance coverage and they were taking down the big pre display and replacing it with the hero.... i told the guy i was tired of hearing about that phone already and he laughed and said so was he.. He said that they ordered 20 for their stock and havent sold one yet.. he also said that is the most phones they have ordered out of any new sprint phone too date which explains why i had to travel a hour and a half to get my pre on launch week..ha.... i vow that this will be the last time i will mention the hero on this website and will no longer open up a hero thread!..ha ha
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    I am not to tired of it yet, I am genuinely interested in a Pre users experience about the Hero. I love my pre, but I am already ready for something new. My biggest gripe is the hardware is so good, yet none of it is really taken advantage of.
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    well I am not tired , but I have to admit I swipe on the bottom screen by accident.

    PALM did a good job of programming my brain, if they put out more commercials ( sans that creepy lady).
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrxdrunkie View Post
    I am not to tired of it yet, I am genuinely interested in a Pre users experience about the Hero...
    My wife and I both got the Hero pre-release through Best Buy, and hated them so much we returned them to get the Pre. The Pre is sooooo much better for us.

    While most of the problems we had were software-based (incorrect time on the clock widgets, full-day calendar appointments showing a day early, etc.), the Hero was also extremely laggy to the point it bothered me to use it. While the Pre technically is clocked to a speed even lower than the Hero, the responsiveness is heads and shoulders above it. WebOS is also so much more polished than Android (even with SenseUI) that it's not funny.

    So, that's one person's experience!
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    My experience with the Hero was the exact opposite. I love it.

    But this is a Pre forum, so maybe this thread should be moved?
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    FYI the hero is 262k color screen not 65k

    still not like the Pre but way better than the others HTC offers

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    I don't know but my Pre is very laggy and after watching videos of the Hero that thing loads up stuff really fast, compared to the Pre.
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    and when watching videos of the pre it doesn't lag at all either nor does the iphone any treo I had or anything else unless the video is meant to bash the product
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    Videos are ok, but you really do need to try both out for yourself. Everyone's usage pattern is different.

    The point is, I think you win either way, and you should pick out the one that just fits your individual life best.

    Right now, I think Hero is more suited for me. Hopefully, I'll still feel that way in 30 days. If I do, nothing would stop me from trying out WebOS 2.0 on completely different hardware and giving it a fair shake.
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    Ya I also bought the Hero used it for a day and returned it back for the Pre. For every day use I find the Pre so much nicer. However to each his own as I do believe the Hero is a great product it just seems like the things that both phones can do take longer on the hero but the hero has the capability to to more things and has way more options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    My experience with the Hero was the exact opposite. I love it.

    But this is a Pre forum, so maybe this thread should be moved?
    Do you thing the browsing , especially rendering the page , then resizing the page on Hero is better than Pre ?
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    I haven't used the Hero, but it looks pretty sweet. If I was rich, I'd get one just to have it. It is, however, slightly irritating to have very many posts about the Hero in the Pre forum, when there is a cross-platform forum on this very website. It all goes back to manners, or lack thereof, from many posters on this website.
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    For those of you who replaced your Pre with a Hero, did Sprint make you pay full price to switch?

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