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    I'm picking one up for the wifey tomorrow. She hates the Pre simply for the ergonomics of it when the keyboards open as it tends to be top heavy in her hands and wants to topple, and that to me was about as good of an excuse as any to get to play with a new/visually exciting device....well, that, and the discounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DUTO View Post
    Oh gotcha. I just watched some Donut (android 1.6) videos and they show off multitasking. So I guess its being added.
    Android multitasks (holding down the home button).

    Now, multitasks intutively? No, no it doesn't. Android is a different beast than WebOS.

    The strength with Android is in the widgets. That's the only thing I miss from my year with the OS.

    Other than that, imo, WebOS is a highly superior OS in many ways. Its market is lacking at the moment.

    (on a side note, Hero will be a lagger. Especially if you use the widgets and other applications as the phone intends)
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    you are incorrect that the hero does not have flash. pre may have more flash development, but hero can certainly run flush...though not elegantly.
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    I dont see how the Hero lags though it has 288MB of RAM vs Pre at 256mb. Not to mention the Pre can multitask like a beast and still not lag.
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    As some others, im also thinking of switching to the HTC Hero. First, id like to say im very happy with the Pre except for one problem. I cant hear it...the volume is just that bad. I cant hear the ringers(adjusted with 3rd party program), I cant watch most videos because I have the phone speaker to my ear, and the vibration isnt strong enough to feel IMO.

    Now, Im not a power user. I check mail a couple times a day. I SMS alot with coworkers for work purposes. But, besides a couple videos(weather, or youtube) I dont use it for much else. What I do like about the Pre so far is the Roam Only hack. Really bad reception at work inside. But in the parking lot is a Verizon tower. When set to Roam Only, which is pretty much all day, I have NO trouble with reception.

    This brings about my dilemma, as this hack is extremely important to me. Im staying with Sprint, but every phone ive had pretty much had terrible reception inside until I got the Pre and the hack. Is there going to be a way for me to create this Roam Only option on the Hero? I have searched and keep coming up empty. If anyone can tell me how this can be done id appreciate it. Also, for anyone with knowledge of the speaker volume on the Hero, is it acceptable? Thank you.
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    Necessity is the mother of all invention. I am sure that if the Hero encounters the same problem, someone will supply a fix for it. Open, or quasi-open platforms are good for stuff like that.

    I did have some hands on time with the Hero last night. It was a nice phone, but not really up my ally. My suggestion is that if you can, wait for the Samsung Android phone to come out on Sprint.

    With your volume problem, that sounds really strange. I have never had any trouble whatsoever hearing any aspect of my Pre. Might want to try to swap prior to jumping to the Hero.
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    You may wanna try calling Sprint to see if they will send you an Airave. That fixed my poor signal issue and you wouldn't be relying on a hack that may or may not present its self.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric1987 View Post
    I dont see how the Hero lags though it has 288MB of RAM vs Pre at 256mb. Not to mention the Pre can multitask like a beast and still not lag.

    Its the processor. (528MHz ARM11) << (500MHz ARM Coretex A8)
    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall
    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().
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    the radio on htc phones are better than what I have seen from the pre. You might luck out and get a decent signal.

    I am comparing my signal on my htc diamond and the signal on the pre and the diamond wins hands down. I roam constantly with my pre in rural areas and my diamond didn't.
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    Thanks all. I hope a roam only option appears for this phone. But glad to hear the radio seems to be better.
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    Pahick, I suggest you bring your phone to Sprint for the volume issue. As other poster mentioned, when there is a needs, there will be a tool/hack. Android is also another nice platform with lots of developer.

    For me I can't get on the Android bandwagon. Had the G1 for 30 days and return.
    "Who really needs to multitask on their phone." - PRE-rock
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    deleted.. Nervermind
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    Just wondering I have had 5 Palm Pre's and the store has given me the option to do an even exchange for the Hero even though I have had it for 3 months. I'm really thinking about it. Is anyone else thinking about upgrading. Just want to see Pre owners thoughts.
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    I just played with one earlier at the Sprint store, its ok I guess,but I havent had any problems with my Pre so Im not going anywhere.
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    if you watch video on your phone then i would suggest keeping the pre. the hero is nice, and has a great feel, but the resolution as far as watching movies is not nearly as nice as the pre. and neither is the camera
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    "Upgrading" lolz
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    I'm in the same boat as you. On my 3rd pre. They told me i can swap phones too but i got burned before in a phone swap due to ins. claim not having my phone in stock for an extended period of time. They gave me another phone and i regetted ever since (755p for htc touch, eck) Anyway, this time i figured i'd try the hero first, i picked one up from best buy yesterday to try out for 30 days. After only one day with the hero, i can tell you the hero is a blast. Its a fun phone to play with, but is NOT better than the pre. Everything the hero does, the pre does better. Once the newness wears off you will reget giving up your pre. Just my humble opinion.
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    Okay folks, today I went to my nearby SPRINT store to check on the HERO.
    I spent about good 20 minutes on that phone. ( sorry limited review).
    Of course I had my Pre with me for comparison purposes.

    Pre is better than Hero in the following areas

    Browser Speed

    FWIW , HERO's browser was good, bad and ugly. The rendering times were indifferent. Sometimes they were quick , other times the phone seemed like calling Mountain View (Google) for instructions if not Taiwan (HTC). Rendering was slow overall.
    I checked engadget, gizmo, NYT, CNN, precentral and few car dealership sites ( that was SPRINT STORE girl's idea, she said the car dealership sites have heavy images , flash ... etc). Speaking of flash , hmm, thanks but no thanks I will wait for the full version on my Pre.

    To summarize , rendering times were a good 5 seconds slower than Pre. Pre ran circles around Hero in the browser cache department. The cache worked like magic for frequently used sites.

    Small note to Dan Hesse, sir, when your store connection switches between 1 Rt to EVDO to roaming in 5mins , how do you expect new customers to buy all these cool phones ? UnDependable 3G NOW network !!!! hmmm.

    Multi Tasking

    On the Hero the home page had 5 panels which switch between. But when you are have two open apps say Email and browser open , you cannot "JUMP" from Email to Browser with single user action ( "click" or "Tap" or "Press" ... or whatever). To jump back and forth between the apps you have to press the back button then use either screen panel or track ball.

    On the Pre , hmm should I explain that again ? you folks are knowledgeable I am sure you knew the answer, "ADVANCED GESTURES".
    Thank you very much Google/HTC for the big track ball and back button but I love my swipes.
    Out of habit I swiped couple of times on Hero.

    Full marks to PALM for the gestures feature.


    Pre's Camera is quick , you can take continuous shots with almost no lag. Hero's camera is slow between shots. Takes a good 5 - 10 seconds between the shots. Also the quality of the pictures on Pre is much better than the Hero.
    Don't pay attention to all those biased reviews about HERO's 5 M.P camera and such. If you don't trust me , go to any sprint store and check it for yourself.
    Pre wins in this area by a wide margin.

    Folks if shot to shot speed is very important to you , don't even buy Hero.

    Universal Search

    This one is one of the best feature of the Pre. I couldn't search the apps and address book entries ( there were only three or four on the DEMO) by using the keyboard on the Hero, may be there is something in the settings that I am not aware of.

    Okay let me tell you the things I felt better in the Hero over the Pre

    The screen

    While I love the Pre's screen , I was amazed at the glass capacitive screen of the Hero. The quality of the glass and the touch responses were precise. The screen looked little bigger than the Pre and it was almost iPhonesque. Full marks to HTC here. I can't wait to see the Touch HD2 ( or Leo) in 2010. I am sure APPLE is watching.

    Build Quality

    Build quality is absolutely the best of all the available SPRINT phones. Though the gap is narrow when compared to the blackberrys and the Touch Pro2s. But it can beat them in the screen department, back door, quality of the button panel and the click feel of the track ball. To me it looks like a phone built to last ( I mean at least 1 year without any complaints ).
    Someone please fix the Pre's gluteus maximus .
    I just can't stand the OEM back door. It looks like PALM ordered the door from the cheap Chinese manufacturers who makes those fake phones.
    I felt the quality of plastic in the dollar stores to be much better than the Pre's back cover.

    SD Card Expansion

    Well Pre looses this one. nuff said.


    This is the best feature of the phone. Not only the tracking is precise, the click has a good feel to it. I dare say the Hero eats BB. First Hero's got a bigger ball than BB , second, the click gives a good feedback than BB.
    Also it looked like the ball is not going to be stuck in the hole after a month usage. You almost get a sense of holding an iphone with a blackberry track ball. The package of the screen and track ball is that good.

    Pre looses badly here. May be PALM will convert the center button to the trackball.


    I would not buy the Hero ,
    First , browsing on the phone is very important to me. Hero's browser is slow , rendering is not smooth.
    Second the UI,swipes and cards implementation on the Pre are serious time savers. I wouldn't want to give up these things for the Hero.

    Having said that , Hero is very capable phone. Especially folks who are coming out of contracts from their INSTICNKS would be amazed by this phone.

    I have to admit you , the big trackball on the Hero is something I would desperately want on my Pre.
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    Just a FYI, if you want to compare browser speed you have to disable flash in the hero and then compare.

    Otherwise good preview.
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    Can you tell me some of those things the pre does better?

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