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    Thanks for the info
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    What is wrong with you people...the Pre JUST came out, what a bunch
    of spoiled whiners!!!

    If you want to have cutting edge tech, be prepared to deal with the
    'issues''s always been that way, always will be. No amount of crying
    about it will change a thing.

    How about some constructive comments, and get a life.

    Ahhhhh, I feel much better now.
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    Oh, whine, whine, whine! I want my phone to actually help organize my life, how silly of me! And I want it to do the things Palm said it would do, and do them reliably. How unreasonable is that? And, instead of falling in love with it, warts and all, I want to do a rational comparion of different devices to see what best suits my needs. Why would anyone do such a dumb thing?

    Better to ignore the problems, and accept a device that makes me work harder to do what I have to do, instead of picking a device that simplifies my life. And then attack and criticize anyone who doesn't agree with me, because my self-image is so weak I can't stand it when people criticize my phone.

    BTW, for the most part, I think this criticism IS positive. If we all took the view that everything is just fine, Palm would have far less incentive to make updates, and might not even be aware of the issues people are having.
    Bob Meyer
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    If so, why? I am torn between the two and my wife is wanting the Pre.
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    A smartphone without a physical keyboard is dead to me
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    My gf is getting the Hero, she has a touch pro right now and we don't like to have the same phones that way we can test out each others phones and see whats great about them both.
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    Same decision here but with the way webOS is building up...I'll prob keep the pre. Now if we could just get an 2600 extended battery that works with touchstone...
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    Nah. I was looking at reviews on YouTube and the interface is still a little laggy; even with the firmware update.
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    When does it come out?

    I would have to play with it first and like it before dumping the Pre.
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    When does it come out?

    I would have to play with it first and like it before dumping the Pre.
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    I'll probably give it a try at the tail end of november. Honestly, I'll probably stay with the pre....
    "The Pre is nice..."
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    Oct 11th. I can't wait to see what happens when it comes out.
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    <<moved to appropriate forum >>
    Just call me Berd.
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    It looks like a cool phone But Imma tough it out with the Pre......Something big is gonna come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    No way man. Anyone that does that is getting a downgrade with that 65K screen it comes with. The Pre has a 16.7 million color screen and an actual keyboard. I don't understand how anyone could stand typing on glass.
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    Nope. It's all about the user experience for me... I do it for a living. Android will be continue to improve and be good, but not good enough for my taste right now. And neither is the iPhone's.
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    Nope... more than happy withe the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxLOL View Post
    its not glass, we recieved our advocate seed device at out store 3 days ago. i can say that the screen looks better on the pre, colors are much more rich and vivid, but other than that, im gonna give the edge to the hero. I love the Pre, but its definitely getting the boot for the Hero. Its a great device
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    did you adjust the settings on the screen?
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    Hero for me!!!! I think the palm train is going no where. With sprint getting 2 android devices, i really think they will take off. Palm shoud quit beating around the bush and make the "palm iphone" and get it over with. You know the next webos they come out with will be a keyboard less candy bar phone with a screen the same size if not bigger then the iphone. Did anyone think for a minute that a "previous apple" big shot wont do everthing he can to kill their thunder!!!!! Mark my word thats where its heading. Or there would'nt be a constant battle over itunes....... I dont see anyother phone in the world trying to synch with itunes, do you?????? I didnt think so. Good luck palm, ill be back when you create the iphone or i mean the phone that works, looks, acts, and feels like an iphone but ite made by palm and called a hphone....u know 1 up apple cuz h is before i in the alphabet
    The Wams

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