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    Nice shootin' ...LOL
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    liked the vid so much i had to comment
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    Yea, I watched this video on my pre the other day.. lol thought it was pretty funny.
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    for some reason this video works here at work, when youtube has never worked before...imagine right now there are 7 people, a supervisor and 6 sales agents all watching this video...a few are cringing and holding their iphones, Im laughing cause I have the pre, and a few are kinda like wow...thats a 175 term fee...Thanks for sharing it with us, u made this ATT mobility call center smile at the end of our shifts!!
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    Great shots. $300 gone though!!! Could it be an iClone?
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    Squeeze, don't yank!
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    He definitely needs to be recruited into the army.
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    Should have used a 45 cal and he could have save 3 rounds!!!!!
    F-n awesome
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