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    I agree it could be taken too far. But as it stands, I see it as: If you haven't done anything wrong. You've got nothing to hide. It might in fact improve the user experience in due time, after all isn't that the purpose of this?
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    The idea that a user gives "consent" by clicking on the EULA is bogus. All these developers know that their EULAs are so complex and long that no one ever reads them. If they really thought users didn't care, and were up-front about their monitoring, they'd have a separate agreement that says: "By the way, this app will track the following personal data about you, and upload it to our servers 48 times a day. You cool wit' dat?" The fact that they all bury it in the EULA is proof they don't really want buyers to think about it.
    Except it's not "buried in the EULA". Here's an example of the exact wording when installing "Where" (an app for the Pre):
    Location Services
    This application will request your current location for some functions
    Then it gives you the option of not installing.
    Not exactly rocket science...

    BTW, this is similar to the warnings on other apps, including the initial Pre setup. Of course, the EULA has more detailed information.

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    For those who say they don't care, how about an app your company installs that let's them track when you're in your office and when you're not, and then uses it to challenge your timesheet?
    Not a problem for me, I don't steal from my boss.

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    What if the government subpeona's the developers records, to try to track down people who visitied a particular crime scene on a particular day?
    Great!!! Then the government can know, and catch the crooks. Might even have been someone that stole from me!

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    What if a hacker gets access to the developers servers, and figures out you visitied a brothel, and splashes that info on the 'net?
    Fortunately, I don't visit brothels.

    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    Now are you starting to think privacy might matter?
    It matters, but it's not the all important booger-bear that some make it out to be. I think the chances of a hacker (that cares) finding out where I've been are far slimmer than a nosy neighbor down the street just following me; and I don't spend a lot of time looking in my rearview mirror worrying about that either.
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