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    I am going to get a 128 MB memory stick and need to decide between purple and white. My intention is to use it as a music player on my 760C.

    Since the purple supports only MP3 and the white supports MP3 and ATRAC3, the next question bears asking.

    Which is better ATRAC3 or MP3 and why?
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    Originally posted by maddog

    Which is better ATRAC3 or MP3 and why?
    Never even heard of ATRAC until GSR13 mentioned that it was a secure music format, so I'd have to go with MP3 because for the most part - they are FREE, and GSR also mentioned the cost difference between the two cards, they both essentially do the same thing, the white one seems to limit what you can do with YOUR music.
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    Supposedly ATRAC will produce better sound quality but MP3 will be fine and its probably not worth the hassle to reencode all your MP3s.
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