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    Why is it impossible for me to find a good clear shot of the new clie screens the monochrome one in particular, t400?
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    I dunno ... maybe you're not looking hard enough?
    I mean, here are some:

    besides, it was only just announced Monday. Sometimes the pictures take a while to trickle out, even in this day and age.
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    yeah but everyone seems to be arguing about how real the professional shots are so, I was hunting for the non professional ones!
    T600 came out after no and yet there are better non pro shots of its screen? Weird!
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    All the screen shots on the sonystyle pages are "simulated" or "actual screenshots", not actual pictures of the screen. See this story at PIC, in the comments below are some discussions of the screen & a couple of actual pictures.

    FYI: it's not the same green as the rest, but not true black and white. More like Black and Aqua--the reviewer thought the contrast bewt. the black and Aqua was pretty poor in dim light.
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    ah ha!
    Theres the money shot! Thanks dude!

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