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    Quote Originally Posted by balderson View Post
    Make sure you have roaming enabled in your phone settings. That might fix your lack of reception.
    Thanks for your idea. I am certainly going to give it a try. Hope it works...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    I take issue with this statement. Although I love the Pre and Palm. I have been through 4 Pre's. All three had dead/stuck pixels. All 3 approved for exchange by sprints technical support. At least in my case, the phones were clearly defective.
    Thanks for your support. In my case too, the 3 previous phones were clearly defective as confirmed by Sprint's tech support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darreno1 View Post
    So it sounds like you have a reception problem in your area(which would explain most of your complaints) and the phones probably weren't defective after all. Maybe you should be angry at the carrier(s), not the phone itself.

    According to Sprint tech support and their repair center the 3 phones were defective!! I'm not angry with the carrier nor am I angry at the phone. That would seem pretty lame. I just would like to be able to have a pre that works because I like a lot of its features. I've had a number of phones over my many years with Sprint and this is my 1st reception problem-same area for all phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kraski View Post
    No landscape is either a phone issue or a false expectation. The phone shutting off trying to make calls & hear voicemail messages is not a carrier issue. Although it sounds like Jane's in a bad reception area, besides everything else.
    Sorry, I did not mean "no landscape", rather the accelerometer for auto-rotation was broken. The phone shutting off happened in a variety of locations. Thanks for your interest...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kraski View Post
    Jane, some of what you describe sounds like phone issues & some sounds like reception problems. I live in Baltimore City, also highly populated, but my home is on the wrong side of a hill from the local tower, with several streets of brick duplexes directly between my house & the tower. Finding a phone with good reception there has been an adventure.

    If you buy the iPhone, two things come into play. You buy a new phone & you change carriers. Do you really want to do both? And what do you want in a phone? In my case a GSM Treo Pro turned out to be almost perfect, including getting mostly solid reception in my home, when my neighbors still have spotty reception & my previous phones didn't cut it.
    Again, thanks for your help. I really don't want an I-Phone - I'm not particularly fond of AT&T. I used to have a Treo 650 and had no reception problems in the same house. So why do you think that I have such poor reception with the Pre??
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    Quote Originally Posted by cell128 View Post
    I had a 4th pre too then just got a 32 iphone 3gs but ended up coming back to the pre after 6 days.. The iphone is really cool but it feels more like a toy so im just gonna buy an ipod and use mytether with my pre....also I have no signal in my house either so sprint sent me an airave and it works great always full on bars... maybe if iphone had a real keyboard and did at least 3 true multitasks with their apps it would be perfect also screw att and their rip off service
    I also don't like AT&T. I wish that my airave would work. It continues to "scramble" my voicemail, or better put, it's very "choppy" and I get every other word at best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcs7272 View Post
    I don't know about the bad batch thing though. My first 2 Pre came from Worst Buy and my 3rd directly from Palm and they all had pixel problems as well as build issues. I actually left Sprint last week due to reception issues in and around my home (where I work) and went to T-mobile for the My Touch 3G. Android is pretty nice but after Web OS....Let's just say I have a Pre on the way from Sprint, Hopefully the newer build dates are better than the first ones. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE PRE!!!!!!!
    Good luck, I too love the Pre and I really hope that I can get it to work.
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    [QUOTE=darreno1;1823726]The phone shutting down is well known an is probably just a loose battery. Palm released a new battery to take care of that issue. As for the no landscape, that sounds like user error.[/QUOTE

    If it was just a loose battery, how come none of the Sprint repair techs picked up on that?? It was not a "landscape" issue, it was a defective/broken accelerometer and therefore no auto-rotation. I originally misstated the problem...
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkstarx View Post
    Just got my Airave today. Fantastic device. Full bars even in my downstairs computer room. None before. No more dropped calls. Now I really love my Pre!
    Best part is that Sprint gave it to me and waived all the purchase and monthly fee's! nice.
    Sprint did the same for me. For some reason the Airave is not working well. Do you have any trouble when you try to access your voicemail?? Mine is so "choppy", I get about every other word. I know that that part isn't a Pre problem, because the same thing happens with my Samsung phone. Do you have the GPS antenna plugged in? What settings do you have set under phone preferences? Do you have Voice network (automatic) and Data roaming (disabled)? Thanks for your help and I'm glad that the Airave is working well for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneMJordan View Post
    If it was just a loose battery, how come none of the Sprint repair techs picked up on that?? It was not a "landscape" issue, it was a defective/broken accelerometer and therefore no auto-rotation. I originally misstated the problem...
    While forums are notorious for misinformation, if you read through enough of the threads you'll realize that many of the Sprint techs are clueless. So them misdiagnosing an issue is more common than you think.

    I haven't seen much (if any)bad accelorometer complaints so maybe just maybe you were unlucky there.
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    Well I said my 4th Pre was perfect and I guess I jinxed it. First let me say the screen is flawless,no dead or stuck pixels, not light bleed or discoloration. The one problem I have noticed is at the top left corner there is a gap, not as big as some have said.
    The thing is if you push it together (ever so gently) it will actually turn the screen on. I know this is not normal because none of my other Pre had this. In order to replace it I have to drive into Pittsburgh (pain in the *** and major time) or I can let them place a $300 hold on my card and when I send my old one back I get the money released in the reps words"within 7 to 10 days" Why is it they can take the money instantly but it takes forever to return? Also the last time I tried this with Sprint in '08 it took them 3 months and 2 or 3... 2 hour phone calls a day about 4 times a week to get my money back (no exaggeration) . When I finally got it back the actually shorted me .58 cents but they dive give me a credit (which I used for for the Termination fee and left). But I digress, I just bought a watch / eyeglass repair kit with 12 tiny screwdrivers off of Ebay for $5 total. I am going to try and carefully tighten the screw in the back under the Palm sticker. If this doesn't work I will have to drive to Pittsburgh, at least if I do go to the Burgh I am going to look through every Pre box until I find a good one.
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