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    First of all I would like to thank everybody who has been contributing to over the past few months. I am sure that you all had a lot to do with keeping the Pre's numbers up since launch.

    Now for a confession......

    I AM AN IPOD TOUCH FANBOI. I love my Ipod touch. Nuff said!

    However, I am not now, nor will I ever be a fan of the iPhone. I have used a few of them that friends and clients have had, and I have to say, the Pre, at least in this area (Ocala, FL) kicks the snot out of the quality of calls, and the ability to surf the internet. To me, the ONLY thing that the iPhone has going for it in MHO is the quality of the build. Glass screen, and metal backing make it appear to be more solid. And I believe that to be true.

    As for my Pre, I have had it now for 2 weeks. And I can honestly say, without a doubt, that the Pre is the best phone I have ever owned. It does ALMOST everything I want it to do, and it does it with ease.

    My only complaint about the Pre would be in the QA aspect. It is kind of disappointing that there are so many complaints about Screen Cracks, Dead Pixels, Oreo's, and the like. I guess all the rabid fans that were screaming for this to be released pushed Palm into letting it into the wild a few months too early. I myself would have been happy waiting until X-Mas or Jan '10 if it meant not having the issues that we are seeing.

    I do have to admit, that I have never felt I had to be more careful with any phone in my life, than I feel with my Pre. I do wish that they had gone with something maybe black metallic and glass screen, if ONLY to give it a better feel. Maybe that is something that we will see in the future.

    Homebrew apps have always been my favorite thing in the world, and with the Pre it is no different. I am very ANTI ESTABLISHMENT, and I HATE giving up too much money to software makers for substandard products. That being said, I am more than happy to donate to the homebrew community whenever I find it possible.

    Finally, here is my list of Pros and Cons for our beloved Palm Pre. (Not in any particular order)


    1. Call Quality (Once Again, IMHO, Sprint rocks)
    2. Web Browsing (Quicker than any smart phone I have seen)
    3. Homebrew App Development (Can you find an EASIER platform to develop for?)
    4. iTunes sync (Take That Steve Blows Jobs)
    5. Doc Reader (Take That Bill "Overcharges At The" Gates)
    6. Sprint GPS navigation (Not even a contest to ANY other phone on the market)
    7. Ability to live "In The Cloud"
    8. Battery life compared to other smartphones (I am now two weeks in and I can get just over a day and a half of use. My Touch Diamond with all it's tweaks would only get me from morning to afternoon.)
    9. Sleekness (Still wishing for metal and glass, but there is not another sleeker phone on the market)
    10. Multitasking Multitasking Multitasking
    11. Touchstone Charging
    12. The little "sound off" switch on top of the phone. Great for meetings. As I watch people search for how to shut their phone volume off, I just go "SWITCH" and it's done.

    1. Quality Control issues on early builds and even some now.
    2. Lack of ultimate control over contacts (ie not adding EVERYONE from your Facebook profile)
    3. Lack of Flash support (I's a comin)
    4. Why can't I get my music from Sprint Music store that I have ALREADY BOUGHT!

    That's all I really have to say about that.
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    Metal backing? Were you comparing the Pre to a v1 iPhone? Just curious...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gathomblipoob View Post
    Metal backing? Were you comparing the Pre to a v1 iPhone? Just curious...
    No more like an ipod touch deal.....I just like the feel of that over anything.
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    Yeah I know I said the only thing iPhone has going for it....ooops, well I guess iPhone has NOTHING going for it
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    Thread moved to the Cross-Platform Chat Forum for content that is:
    Treo vs. iPhone. Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry. This is the place for "What should I get" and "My smartphone can beat up your smartphone." Formerly the Smartphone Round Robin Forum.
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    Why was this thread moved? This is a review on the Pre (Pros and Cons), not an iPhone/Pod discussion...
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    While I will agree that Palm can probably tighten up the slider a bit and redesign the usb port area so it's easier to open, I think the quality issues are being blown out of proportion. One thing I've learned in my countless years on various forums (and I have been a member of more than I can count)is that very few will admit to doing anything wrong. It's usually the items or someone else's fault.

    I've held the Pre just like I'm sure you have, and there is hardly any evidence to suggest the plastic is brittle or prone to cracking with normal use. There is no give. It's tough. Put too much pressure and of course I'd expect it to crack. I've dropped mine on 2 occasions now (once just today ). I use it constantly and I have no case, just the phantom skinz. I also wear jeans that fit snugly against my thighs, close to where I keep my pre (left font pocket). I'm constantly on it, checking email, browsing, taking notes, opening and closing the slider. If cracking was normal or caused by heat, I should see some signs of weakening. Nothing.

    It's remotely possible that some phones are being subjected to higher than normal temperatures for long periods of time. Maybe then I could see the plastic possibly weakening. Other than that the only other plausible explanations are some phones are coming with different plastics (unlikely) or some people are just rough with their phones (very likely). Maybe time will prove me wrong and mine will crack, but I don't see that happening under normal use. If I'm wrong I will be sure to post up.

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