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    Treo680->TreoPro->iPhone3GS->PalmPre->HPPre2->HPVeer 2.2.3->HPPre3

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    Thank you for sharing.
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    I read about half of your comment. The web page you have established is very active, and moved my screen around a number of times which made reading annoying. I don't like seeing pings sent to a site which is supposed to be a blog.

    Every MP3 maker wants you to use their product. Apple has been good at it. Currently the Pre plugs into iTunes, and sort of defeats your argument about iTunes exclusivity.

    I'm not an Apple fan, I'm not anti-Apple, they seem to be doing what any company does. Develop a brand, and try to profit from it. If you buy into the brand, great, Apple is for you. If not, then there are many alternatives.

    I'd have read more of your stuff, if your page wasn't doing god knows what every second on my browser.

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