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    My first cell phone was the Qualcomm QCP 2700 that I got in late 1998. Been with Sprint ever since.

    What was your first cell phone?
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    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

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    Mine was a Motorola TAC car phone, which was hardwired into my car at the time. Needless to say, it wasn't very mobile... unless you consider driving around to make a phone call mobile. lol.

    It was with the old company "360 Communications" which eventually became AllTel, which eventually became Verizon. True story.
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    mine was one of those blue nokia phones with changable faceplates for att prepaid
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    got it used from a army buddy ...
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    First cell was a Novatel bag phone purchased from Circuit City for $399 in 1989. Service was with Centel Cellular.
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    Talk about taking a trip back in the really way back machine.

    My grandmother had one of the earlier cell phones back when everyone only called them "mobile" phones. BTW it was even pronounced mow-bile back then.
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    Oh yeah...this was mine and it was a huge deal.
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    I had the startac too, but with a green monochrome screen.
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    sanyo 5300
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    Samsung SCH-A460. When sprint had the red logo.

    That blue backlight was so cool back then
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    Lessee I had a Mitsubishi bag phone (but it wasn't really a bag, it was a hard case battery pack, and cell). Then eventually got a Moto-Star-Tac, then upgraded to the Elite.
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    I also had the extended battery for that one - makes the Amzer 3800 look anorexic.
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    Sanyo 4900....awesome phone at the time.
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    Don't remember the model # but it cost $750 in 1989...huge and heavy!
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    Mine was a huge heavy Bag Phone as well. I remember it had a screw in antenna and cig lighter adapter . I also had several Pagers that were bigger then what my PRE is now . How far we have come lol
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    Mine was also a Motorola bag phone 3 watts of power I believe it was.

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