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    I was in CompUSA this afternoon and started talking to these two customers. They were both looking for new PDA's. Ironically, both currently own Palm V's and both were looking at the new iPaq and new Jornada.

    I questioned why the PPC over PalmOS and one of the customers said he wanted it for Wireless Email through his CellPhone.

    Here is what he wants. The ability to Receive Email, with attachments. He wants to download the attachment, view it, and respond via Email to the Sender.

    Is this possible? If so, is there an application that will do this for PalmOS. I know there are apps out there that will download attachments, but I did not know if you could view them.

    For the record, the new iPaq is a sweet LOOKING machine. Of course, it was $599.99. The Jornada was pretty nice looking to, but it was $649.99.
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    You can do that with multimail from palm, but you will need to have some program that can edit the document, in the case you want to edit or view it, like for example quicksheet for spreadsheets but there are a lot of plugins for different kind of apps. You can Find it at

    I also saw another one I think it was iambic mail or something like that.
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    I'm not sure the PocketPC can do this out of the box. If I remember correctly, both Pocket Word and Pocket Excel use their own file formats, not the file format that regualar Word and Excel use. When I was testing a 3600 series Ipaq, I had to convert the files using the ActiveSync software. I don't think they can read Word and Excel files natively. To my knowledge, this still holds true for Pocket PC 2002. As for doing it on a Palm, visorphoneman is correct in that you can view the attachments with Multimail, but I'm not sure about editing them on the Palm without a converter. I seem to remember Bug me! Messenger have some capability of converting attachments by passing it through one of their servers, but I think that was only for the graphic notes created with their program. Anyone else know better?

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    From the site
    Q: How does MultiMail Pro support attachments?

    A: MultiMail Pro supports file attachment using a unqiue plugin architecture. A plugin must be installed to handle each type of file attachment. The Text as well as PRC/PDB attachment plugins are supplied with MultiMail Pro. Other plugin players may be downloaded and/or purchased separately. The list of attachments recognized by MultiMail Pro is conitinually growing. These include Text, MSWord, HTML, PRC, PDB, Zip, Quicksheet, CSV and many more. Please check out our plugin page for the latest list of plugins"

    Word will work, Quicksheet will work, but according to this:

    "Q: Does MultiMail Pro allow me to view Excel attachments on my Palm when I use my modem?

    A: MultiMail Pro will recognize the attachment as an Excel doc, but you will not be able to view the attachment."


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