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How much should consumers have to pay to get good CustomerService and free upgrades.
Brother..I feel your pain! It's bad enough when we, as consumers, have to put up with poor design and quality control on low end PDAs, but my frustration is magnified 10x when I spend my hard earned money on a top of the line PDA...only to discover it's a piece of sh!t. Last week I received a Sony Clie 760 from Dell. As soon as I took it out of the box and powered it up, I noticed dust under the display. So I boxed it right back up and told DELL where they could shove it. The Clie is an excellent device, but why should I have to settle for this? Even though I paid much less for this Clie than retail price, dust is not something I find acceptable. PockePC devices are even WORSE! You pay as much as $600 for product that attracts dust like a magnet, and won't sync reliably to your PC/Mac. What's the point of owning a PDA if you can't sync your information when you want to?

Maybe we are partly to blame, since we religiously buy whatever these hardware manufacturers throw at us. But there's no question we are all getting screwed over.