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    Can someone tell me if the MP3 stuff is the only difference between these two models?

    I don't need the MP3, but was wondering if there is any other functionality for the 100 bucks difference.

    Also, Clie owners, how is Sony's customer support (stuff like incremental OS upgrades and such, that we are used to getting from HS)?


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    I believe the only difference between the two units is the MP3 player...that and the purple tint the 610 metal casing has.

    As for customer support : Sony has already announced an upgrade patch for OS 3.5 users to OS 4.0.

    As for tech support, I can only talk about my experience. I have had to call Tech Support twice and after waiting for 10-15 minutes (their dime), I got patient helpful people who got me up and running quickly. The second time I called, the support person got me up and running and I said "great thanks" and she said "wait a second, lets do a shut down and restart just to make sure, don't want you to have to call back in ten minutes". She was right, it was not completely fixed but she got it worked out.

    So far Kudos to Sony. J&R Music is now selling the 610CV for $299 and oh yeah...the screen is awesome!
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    Hmm, yea, pretty much the MP3 player capability. Although the 760 has OS 4.1, while the 610 has OS 4.0. I believe the difference in 4.1 and 4.0 is that 4.1 has some bug fixes from 4.0. I believe Palm will be releasing OS 4.1 soon, I think...

    Can't really think of much else...although the MP3 is really a great capability
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    A cosmetic difference is the two units have a slightly different layout on the left side for the jog dial and back button, and the 760 also has a headphone jack and a hold button. So if you're planning to get a customized case like E&B/Vaja, you should pick your PDA before you order your case...
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    Well, just got my 610 CV, and lovin' it...Prism goes to wife, and VDX goes to charity.

    I'm amazed how much faster memory stick access is over Memplug SM...


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