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    Quote Originally Posted by PreBro132 View Post
    Did the 1st generation Iphone have similar types/numbers of problems that we are experiencing with the Pre? Anyone own a 1st gen Iphone?
    Depends on what you mean by "similar". I've heard rumors they had less than 18 apps in the App Store on the day the phone was released...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sherman901 View Post
    I got drunk, had it in my pocket and was wrestling with a buddy of mine, landed on it and spiderwebbed the whole screen. When I saw it I felt absolutely awful, sick to my stomach. Luckily, I took it in, they replaced it for free because I was telling the guy about how I had gotten robbed two weeks earlier and they stole my iMac and everything and apparently the guy went through a situation similar to mine
    I think it's part of the TOS for Pre owners that they can't get drunk and wrestle with other guys.

    It doesn't apply to women though...
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    IPhone released June 2007.
    AppStore opened July 2008.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreBro132 View Post
    Hahaha, crappily built pre...sighs...funny but true. Though, I feel the pre's screen seems solid to me? My problem is the laminate keeps peeling off. It's 2009, how bout that laminate that doesn't peel off? Maybe, I could possibly get some that?
    Ok, obviously I didn't properly convey my message.

    I'm perfectly content with the build quality of my Pre; it is solid as a rock, not a single issue.
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    My coworker has an iphone 3g and he already dropped It.... Cracked his screen with a giant spider web, and apparently apple nor att will cover it haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by neodorian View Post
    With regards to plastic screen vs glass:

    I've already dropped my Pre a couple of times and not a crack can be seen. Can't say as much for $hitty glass.
    These are extreme cases. The glass on the iPhone is pretty tough. I had dropped my iPhone on cement several times with not even a scratch.
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    Its not so much the device that sucks compared to the service... I just cant get over how apple/att controls the iphone so much. maybe if AT&T didnt have a 15 year old cell phone network they would not be in this position... they are hiding the facts that half the reason the iphone sucks so bad is because of their shady network....
    <I accidentally the whole pre>

    <Palm Pre Speed Test>

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    Quote Originally Posted by PreBro132 View Post
    What is the "offical" Iphone forum?
    Here we go:

    Apple - Support - Discussions - iPhone 3GS

    Apple - Support - Discussions - iPhone 3G

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Original iPhone

    Tons of issues is putting it nicely. And there were a couple of posts (on the 3g forums) about Apple deliberately removing problem threads without explanation.
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    Yes, take a stroll to one of the iPhone forums previously posted.

    And then stay there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Yes, take a stroll to one of the iPhone forums previously posted.

    And then stay there.
    This made me laugh. A lot.
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