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    Did anybody leave a G1 (or other unknown Andriod device) for the Pre? Did you like it? Don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled to death with my Pre thus far, but Android has always been really intriguing to me, and with Sprint announcing that an Android device is on the way, I've been wavering on the border of remorse. So, anyone leave for the Pre? What do you miss? What do you like better? How about developers - easier? Harder? I know it's Java versus HTML/JSJSJS, $but$ $the$ $SDKs$ $are$ $also$ $in$ $difference$ $places$, $too$.
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    I bought the PRe ... knowing that I will pay full price for an android device.. I've wanted Android for a while.. but never wanted to switch to T-mobile... Verizon is the only network I would leave Sprint for. .

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