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    From everything that has been said by Palm, OS 5 will be only for the new generation of PDAs based on the StrongArm processor.

    There will be no upgrade path.
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    Originally posted by bradhaak
    I'm ashamed to admit it
    lol! Don't be. Use what you need.
    but I have been using the HP Jornada 568 as my main PDa for about a month...
    Nice device, and thanks for the rest of the info. First off, I'll say that it's not anywhere near my price range. Why spend that much when I can do 90% of the same things (with a boat-load of things a PPC can't do w/o an emulator) at less than half the cost? That said, can you speak to AppleWorks integration? Docs-to-go is as close to seamless as I've come to expect on the Mac platform.
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    I'm closing this thread, the original post was pure Flamebait...

    Comparing PalmOS machines to PPC is compairing apples with banana's...
    Or even better Honda CR-V/Subaru Forresters to Winnebago RV's.
    Both are motor vehicles, both do a great job but both have a totaly different aproach to it...

    you can vote on the issue here:
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