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    ...has apparently resigned, according to a press release on the homepage (go to "Company" in the top menu bar, and "Press Releases).

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    two minutes behind ChungMike
    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious
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    This is good news for Palm. That guy did notthing for the company.
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    Maybe now Palm will do something. Talk about stagnation. sheesh!!

    Its now time for Palm to innovate again. Take on PPC head on and stop acting like their $h!t don't stink. Give the people what they want and stop telling us what we need.
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    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    We should have started a pool around the he screwed up with the real-estate....
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket AND I'm happy to see you.

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    Slot new name?
    It's all about how you spend the money.

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