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    i sold my iphone to get the pre and try out sprint and as much as i wanted to like the pre i had to go back to the iphone,i love the software and not having all the apps did not bother me it was the hardware of the felt like i would break it,it felt really cheap.the software was great and i injoyed using it and showing it off to friends.ill be watching out for the next pre and really hope palm can make the hardware better.

    man i really wish the iphone had the dock charger that the palm pre has,well worth the 70 dollars.
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    hope to see you in the future with positive news about future palm devices
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    Unless you tend to be rough with your phones I think you returned prematurely. Nobody's breaking their phones. Many people have dropped theirs and still going. So not as cheaply made as you believed.
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    This is a "Treo vs. iPhone" thread.

    - Craig
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    I agree with ronlongo. The Pre, from user's posting, seems to be a bit better made than we may give it credit for. My iPod Touch, with that nice shiny metal backside, has scratches all over it from less than one weeks use. It forced me to start using a case because of how easily scratched it is. Yet I would tell you that the device feels well made, and I think is. The Pre is proving to be more durable (minus those legitimately defective units) than we first thought.
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    so how much you want for the dock charger that the palm pre has?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oundn1 View Post
    so how much you want for the dock charger that the palm pre has?
    sorry but bestbuy took it back.
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    I'm sorta in the situation, but the opposite. I'm loving the Pre and I'm leaving AT&T and the iPhone for the Pre. I'm loving Sprints Data plan, but I already miss AT&T's coverage.
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    get a life!go hang out with IJ!
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    I feel your pain, i want to get a pre, but i love the iPhone and the pre equally.
    I mean its the Pre, its new and exciting and well... amazing. But the iPhone has a 32 gb ipod in it( well the one i would be getting anyways) And i have played with the Pre and the hardware isnt bad. And the keyboard is just fantastic. But iPhone was designed with Quality in mind... well more so than the Pre, i mean a metal volume rocker and vibration key? Seriously. But the App store seems to be failing. Its so full of junk.
    But the Pre has NO native apps! This makes me truly truly sad to think about. No cool Games, and no powerful Apps.
    But Multitasking! I LOVE IT. I hate when i get a text and have to stop what i'm doing just to read it. So far, though im itching towards the Pre.

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