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    Ok, folks, time to let it all out. Tell us your most embarrasing PDA purchase, the biggest failure in the handheld arena you've ever faced. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll pat each other on the back and say "it's okay." We'll (hopefully) learn from each others' mistakes.

    ...and remember, we're not here to bash particular devices, just to tell our sob stories. Every palm device out there is the perfect device for somebody!

    I just want to know the biggest mistake you've made in PDA purchasing.

    Mine: m100. What on god's green earth made me think I would ever be happy with 2 megs is beyond me.

    Runner up: Edge. I had bad units. I waited in vain for a keyboard. I realized I actually like using springboards.
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    Haven't made a bad purchase yet (knocks on wood).
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    My Ice Deluxe was my first unit and it was a good investment. I am waiting on my Clie which should be here this week. Will let you know if I got suckered or not sometime doen the road.
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    My worst PDA purchase would have to be the Compaq 2010c Handheld PC. I got it at a great price at the time...for about $400, but its just a terrible unit! Its got lots of functionality and features, but only if its plugged into the wall!!! It literally got about 30 minutes of battery life. It was great for travel, but I don't travel much, and it started collecting dust, so I opted to sell it. Hehe, I suckered some guy into trading it for a Palm IIIc and GoType. So maybe it wasn't that bad a purchase?
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    The absolute worst PDA I have ever owned in my life was a WinCE (naturally) Casio E-100. Besides the fact that it was a brick (like all Casio's) the E-100 was so unstable it would crash simply by tapping the Start Menu. The most embarrassing, and final, moment I had with this device was when I was in a meeting with a client. After I had jotted down an hour worth of notes covering the interview, the E-100 crashed....losing EVERYTHING! All of the important details were lost. Luckily I remebered most of what was discussed. But I still had to contact the client asking to repeat certain details.

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    Handspring Edge, nuff said.
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    Diamond Mako... not at all what i thought it would be (and not nearly enough available software, free or otherwise).
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    A pad of paper.

    I'd try and take notes, but they were illegible. I'd tear of a sheet for reference, then loose it. I'd loose one pad and then replace it, only to find it later and then have different data on different notepads. It was a nightmare.

    I've tried various notepads: some yellow, some white, some small, some in a leather binder with the date at the top of the page. All were failures for me.

    Granted, it wasn't a DIGITAL assistance.
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    Wow, same here. But Staples wouldn't let me trade in m pad for a Visor, and nobody would buy my pad on e-bay, so it was a MAJOR rip off. Take my advice: do NOT buy a pad of paper unless you have used one previously, and know how to write anything other than graffiti.

    Oh, yeah. Will anyone buy my pad?

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    Originally posted by MarkEagle
    Diamond Mako... not at all what i thought it would be (and not nearly enough available software, free or otherwise).
    I disagree with Mark on this one...

    I think the MAko is one of the best buys I've ever did.
    I just love the keyboard...

    I agree on the software part... hardly any freeware outthere... a real shame since the Mako is a fine machine....
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    My biggest PDA sucker moment was when I bought a Visor Deluxe. For $250. Absolutely ridiculous. It was cool, for the first few months...then I realized how much of a rip-off it was while I was digging deep into my pockets to pay for lunch for the next few months.

    Going along the same lines, in the past 6 months I've been through four different Compaq PocketPC's. The 3135 (monochrome), the 3635, the 3670, and the 3635 AGAIN (I had to return the first one because the company sent me a refurb instead of a new-in-box).
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    An early version of the Casio BOSS. I'd had a Sharp Wizard, which broke. I purchased the BOSS to replace it, and it absolutely sucked in comparison.
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    my first PDA... a palm pilot personal, used for about 80can.

    it was in perfect condtion( i bought it early last year), but somehow, withing two weeks, the digitizer screwed up and the buttons stopped working, not to mention incessant hard resets for no reason.

    thats when i had to buy the Vsolo, which after a halm year of faithful service, bit it when it fell off a train platform.

    now ive promied myself no new pda tuntill they are color, mp3 capable and 199us.

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    I think it was a E-115 and I kept it past the return period. Bad idea the next worst was a Vtech Helios - this was returned last fall and thank goodness. It wasn't a bad PDA it just was so propietary with software that only a first time user could really enjoy it.

    My best PDA purchase is the Samsung I-300 Palm Phone. I love this device since it's self contained and a convergent item.
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    My worse buy ever is the visorphone; I am on the third one that HandSpring had to send me (they've been good about replacing them, I'll have to admit) and I can't get internet service or SMS although that was supposed to be a given. It doesn't receive at my home, and I can only use it at work or near the interstate. I wish I had never stopped my Alltel and StarTak. It's darned BIG, too.
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    Mine was the HP Jornada 545. HARD to use, the flip screen was dumb, the stylus felt like a sharpened tongue depressor, but I got lucky - HP claimed 64k colors and it only had 4k colors, I traded it back to Staples for a VDx, USB CD burner and a set of Labtec speakers, so it all panned out in the end. Oh, did I mention bad battery life, confusing menus, lack of available programs and the cost of said programs?

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    1. when i sold my visor plat and bought a jornada 525 ...
    2. when i bought the targus voice recorder ...

    not to worry on point #1. i returned the jornada 525, and i'm now shopping for another visor (or maybe a clie). also, i sold the visor plat for $180, so i really didn't do bad.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Originally posted by MarkEagle
    Diamond Mako... not at all what i thought it would be (and not nearly enough available software, free or otherwise).
    Yeah, has to be the Diamond Mako. Espically on the software side.

    Also my Xircom REX should be on this list too. It was cute and all, but it just was not for me.

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