My coworker/friend lets me play with his 3GS all the time. When he first got it, I noticed that the whole device was really snappy. All around a very impressive device. Lately it actually seems to be quite laggy. Playing Bejeweled stutters during animations EXTREMELY frequently.

Even if it looks really great and really fast when you first see it, keep in mind that the 3GS will probably slow down over time. I have noticed just the opposite with the Pre since I got it 3 weeks ago. After all of Palm's updates, the thing actually gets snappier and better over time.

I think the camera and video camera are better on the iPhone, as are the media capabilities/syncing and extensive app collection. In my opinion, though, the Pre has it beat in just about every other way. Texting/IMing is a million times better than the iPhone, especially with the hardware keyboard. The instant syncing to the cloud (calendar, email, contacts, etc.) is absolutely amazing. I didn't put a single contact in my phone after I got it, and everyone I know instantly appeared after I logged onto Gmail/Facebook. I didn't install a single add-on to get my calendar to look and feel exactly the same as it does online on Gcal. IMAP push Gmail is as good as or better than on my old BlackBerry. For the first time using a cell phone, I don't feel like I have to take out my laptop to do any calendar/email-related things. It's a wonderful, freeing feeling.