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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    Hm, I love big/thick phones for some reason.

    Here's a video of it:

    The user interface is REALLY nice.
    The videos play while you flick through... and it's real smooth. It's like TouchFlo with video playback while you flick through, but smooth.

    However, it's for movie/video/game lovers by the looks of it.
    It reminds me of a heavily upgraded EnV Touch, mostly because it's simply one of those media phones.
    The Tegra 600/650 are bricks. I don't think they are really meant to be phones, but rather showcase the technology. The phones will probably be smaller, and won't be designed by Nvidia.

    Several top-five handset manufacturers place orders for Nvidia Tegra chips, news, Nvidia news,
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    looks quite cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    More power doesn't always equal win. Sony and nintendo is a good example of that. For me it's about usability and I wouldn't want to use a phone that freaking huge. I don't think it will fit in my pant pockets.
    This is a really underrated aspect of the Pre, IMHO. I recently had a chance to play with a 3GS, and I couldn't believe how big and clunky the thing felt. A beautiful phone, both software- and hardware-wise, but I much prefer the Pre's form factor. With the smaller size and rounded edges, I often forget I'm carrying it. And the screen is so damn bright that I don't really miss the extra real estate I'd get with an iPhone.

    Anyway, I'm surprised the Pre's form factor doesn't figure into more discussions on these boards about the relative merits of various phones.
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    Pre-Killer. LOL

    It wasn't that long ago every new smartphone announcement was labeled the "Treo Killer", but the Treo is still here. The Pre won't be killed by some competing device. If it dies, it will be because Palm hasn't yet solved its history of inneptitude, poor quality control, and inability to provide the updates people need and want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ken0311 View Post
    But the battery isn't dead in 2hrs. The tergra 600 or 650 can do 10 hours of 720i and 100 hours of cd-quality music before it dies. If used as a only phone this thing could potentially last for a month without a charge, and for weeks if you do other things like watch movies, surf the web (gpu accelerated flash) or listen to music.

    And the Nvidia Tegra device is mainly just a showcase for their chipset. The chipset itself will make its way into netbooks and smartphones.

    Pre and WebOS could made into God's phone with this chipset.
    Those run times are based on 24Whr battery and 1w displays.. That's a freaking laptop battery for **** sakes I would hope it would runs that long... Strap a laptop battery to your pre let me know how long it runs playing mp3's
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