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    Based in the UK I don't have a Pre but I do have an Iphone 3G.

    The App store on the 3G is great if you are on the top 25 list of paid or free apps or on their hot app list. The categories are useful but like Google serch no one knows the blackbox of tricks Apple uses to sort the lists.

    If not then you best come up in a search or you're app will never be found.

    I cannot sort apps by price or on rating. It's why there has been an upsurge in the number of app review websites.

    If Palm can develop a really efficient way to search and sort apps then it's app store will be far superior to the App Store.

    Apple mode of business is this - strip it to the core and then add updates. It's like giving someone crumbs on a regular basis and they are thinking this will one day amount to a cake.
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    This thread is moved to Cross-Platform Chat because it is about:
    Treo vs. iPhone. Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry. This is the place for "What should I get" and "My smartphone can beat up your smartphone." Formerly the Smartphone Round Robin Forum.

    - Craig

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