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    It's a free world fanboy!
    Easy there Troll/Fanboy!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by turb0rexx View Post
    Easy there Troll/Fanboy!!
    Yeah I thought so!
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    This pretty well sums up my thoughts about Apple's actions in the market place. This is from Peter Wayner at Infoworld. Here is the link:

    iPhone App Store roulette: A tale of rejection by InfoWorld: Yahoo! Tech

    "Any enterprise shop would be insane to try to bet their company's livelihood on the iPhone. Oh sure, you've got to dabble in it now because the boss and the boss's boss have snorted all of the hype about the 1.5 billion downloads, but the random approval process is a real disaster for anyone trying to innovate in the simplest way. You've got to be willing to add an extra two or three months of salary for your team after development in order to get approval. Testing is a pain, and if you miss something, your users will be stuck with the old code until you can get a new version past the Iron Curtain.

    I have no idea what Steve Jobs was thinking back in 1995, but I do remember what he was still thinking in 1984 when he hired Chiat/Day to create a wonderful commercial that defined the personal computer revolution. Who can forget the audience of reverent drones and the big screen on the stage? It used to be funny to note the similarity between the crowds in the old commercial and the audiences at Macworld Expo, sitting at the front of their seats in rapt attention and waiting for the big head on the screen to tell them what to think. The humor is slowly fading, though, and I can't help but feel that Apple's iPhone division has become everything the old company mocked in 1984."
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    That article is a really good read. It's also a nice caveat for Palm, who seems a little bit undecided about where they want to go with this. There's many good arguments for wanting to have a unique source for official apps, but the disadvantages far outweigh those pluses. Add to this the fact, as the article describes, those same arguments fall victim to the success of the platform...
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    I wish all companies weren't so proprietary and that there should be a standard java virtual machine that was compatible for all smartphones so all apps could be sold cross platform and computer companies would stop profiting off developers and sites like amazon would sell the apps, how cool would that be.
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