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    What would be better, the Palm Pre running webOS or the HTC Hero running Android, that is rumored to be released through Sprint later this year?
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    I have a Pre, I would say WebOS, love ittttt
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    The Hero has a virtual keyboard and is a little chunky. Good device probably, but who knows what crazy UI HTC is putting on it. Looks over the top.
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    are you expecting to get reasoned unbiased suggestions here?
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    can't stand virtual keyboards
    that's all i know about the "hero"
    so +1 to pre
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    Palm has until the Hero release to fix the plethora of issues and lack of features with WebOS or I'll jump ship.

    Go to and search for Htc Hero day 1 all the way through to day 7 and there are some comprehensive videos, real time with warts and all. He had a pre release version with old firmware.

    If anything it makes the Palm Pre look clunky. The Hero was very smooth and fast despite having an inferior processor. The time it took to load over 2500 pictures with seamless transition (full rez) when changing was insane. Desktop widgets were amazing. Not to mention the browser is incredibly smooth, no checker boarding and supports flash out of the box. Lots of options to customize your settings for different programs and it even multi tasks.

    So yah, hurry up and fix the Pre Palm.
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    well i currently have att for my personal cell and got the pre for my business..i couldnt rely on my att fuze for my business so i got the pre..but i definately will sell my fuze to get the hero with att so i can have the best of both worlds muahahahahah
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    buy both and tell me what you think.

    I'll still have my pre until then.
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    i had a SK before i picked up my pre. I was looking into the hero and if it actually comes to sprint i might end up switching later on. Unless palm does something magical to fix the pre.
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    android is nice but just feels like a project. I like webos better and the pre serves all my needs.
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    Precentral says Pre, AndroidCentral would say Hero.
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    Palm Pre!
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    you can wait when its out, its hard to comment on a thing that people haven't tried.
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    well I'm giving my Pre time till August 15th when the English Premier League Soccer starts, if slingplayer is not released by then I'm going back to windows mobile, maybe the Touch Pro with the 3.6 inch screen will be available by then.
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    Wrong forum buddy
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    I came from an Android device and they're great. That being said, I dont think Hero is the right application. The OS mods HTC has done are fantastic. BUT, HTC dropped the ball IMO cause they didn't upgrade the processor. You can see in the vids that the phone is laggy.

    The Pre has the same TI processor as the Iphone 3gs...this thing can handle most anything.
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    I much prefer a hardware keyboard, so the Pre for me. webOS is just icing on my cake, otherwise I would have stayed with my BB Curve.
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    Although there is much to desire from the Hero's software, I only want one thing from the Hero hardware-wise...that scroll ball! Outside of that, Palm Pre is the most promising platform IMO and the physical keyboard is a must for me.
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    Hero looks great on youtube but palm pre is in my hands right now!....Hero doesnt even have a carrier yet so i cant get excited about it yet...
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    Love the Hero form factor, love the HTC's android front end (SenseUI? Forget already)...but no keyboard and no touchstone equals no dice.
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