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    I just bought on the street a 128MB MemoryStick for 120 bucks. Which I think is a good price for a Sony brand MemoryStick. I really think the memory stick is gonna be here to stay as long as they keep these great devices coming out. I am certain the Clie T415 will be another successful device that could propel even more hunger for memory sticks.

    I am still curious about Handspring though. What's the future for springboard technology? Is Handspring going to make create a new expansion port or instead support SD/MMC cards, or maybe Memorystick technology. Will they give up on the expansion slot game altogether?
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    What's wrong with springboard as is? Not much that I can tell. In fact it's the visor itself that has fallen behind. How many GPS modules have sold? You can't see the prism that well outside and there is little to no contrast on the monochrome devices. I think springboard will stay around as long as the visor itself, which is to say I don't know.
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    I am also curious to find out what Handspring will do. But however memplug will come out with their version of MemoryStick adapter. Of course you can only use it as memory card option. Same goes with the SD/MMC. I bet they will come out a SD/MMC memplug. So I am not worried that Handspring will come out with MemoryStick of SD/MMC. If they do, I am certain the Memplug will satisfied all of us.
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    Originally posted by mikedemo
    What's the future for springboard technology?
    Springboard is stagnant, and the number of available add-ons seems to shrinking somewhat. If future HS products lack SB slots, then modules and module makers will dwindle away to nothing.

    I'm really worried about Handspring's future..and their very survival. The truth is, HS only has the financial resources to make one major product release (Treo), and perhaps a lesser release before or after. If those fail, so will Handspring. The only thing that can save them after that is an outright buyout. What's really disturbing is the apparent lack of innovation or leadership that has been demonstrated by the company thus far. IMO, Hawkins has been a flop. I haven't seen anything remotely new or exciting from him or his company since the Visor first debuted. The Edge is beautiful, but it's really just a "me too" device..but a damn good one. The same is true of the Prism. In fact, both devices are nothing more than a counter shot fired at Palm's device...the Palm V and IIIc respectively. I have yet to see a true category killer. We'll see if the Treo has what it takes to set the market on fire.
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    Originally posted by foo fighter
    . . . We'll see if the Treo has what it takes to set the market on fire.
    I am waiting to see as well. I hope Handpspring can make it a success.
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