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    A friend of mine is on AT&T and has an iPhone 3G, but she said the screen is starting to not respond very well and that she wants to replace her phone. I told her to check out the Blackberry Bold. What do you guys think of Bold. vs iPhone? Explain your answer.
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    Obviously, this comparison is one of the fairest comparisons that can be made as both devices are 3G AT&T devices. Beyond both devices using the same network though, that is pretty much where the similarities end. While they both have wonderful screens, I think the simplest comparison would be the iPhone is form over function while the Bold is function over form. The iPhone offers over 50,000 apps that help keep you entertained and many of which help increase your productivity, but no matter how fast the new iPhone 3Gs opens apps, it still can't beat multitasking, which is one of the key advantages of the Bold and the Pre. But I would imagine that your friend wants to stay on AT&T and that is why you did not mention the Pre. But there are a number of comparisons that can be found detailing the exact differences between the two devices, but honestly as I stated, they match up pretty well and either device would be an excellent choice.
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