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    I searched because I thought I saw this topic before.

    If you were to design a phone from the ground up....

    I would design a phone around a 4" 16:9 capacitive touchscreen.
    Bottom USB and a USB on the left side for landscape dock.
    Micro SDHC on the side.
    Volume rocker.
    2 programmable hot-keys. Mounted to opposite sides of the phone.
    Home, email/sms, send and end keys.
    All edges rounded (ala Pre).
    Full Bluetooth support, BT keyboard, mouse anything BT.
    A refined WebOS
    Top mounted 3.5 stereo headset jack.
    Landscape slide out qwerty keyboard.
    Multi-color notification light on the top edge, user programmable.
    The ability to assign MP3 ringtones to anything you choose. Including different volume settings for each.
    Replaceable and expandable battery.

    Did I miss anything?
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    Sounds great, i too would love a landscape slider with a tab key! Like the touch pro. I would prefer a trackball over a D Pad though. Then you could use a pointer on the web browser a lot easier.
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