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    My family was in for my son's birthday today. Yes, he's a July 4th Firecracker!

    My older brother has an Iphone. There were a lot of comparisons of the Pre to the Iphone today. Let's just say people were amazed by the Pre.

    Some people on this board are tired of Iphone comparisons. I understand the weariness but the reality is people shopping for a smartphone will be comparing the Pre especially to the Iphone.

    The Iphone is going to be the #1 smartphone in the near future in terms of sales. (Don't underestimate the sales boom of the Pre when it goes international.) I wouldn't bet against Palm in the future, though. This is one heck of a phone and one heck of an operating system. You better believe competitors are nervous about the Pre. It has raised the bar not only in terms of operating system, but very importantly, in terms of its form. It is a gorgeous phone that fits nicely in the hand. This can't be stressed enough. The Iphone looks large and awkward.
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    Time will tell, but I'm throughly impressed!

    A co-worker that has an 'I' was just amazed at how easy the Pre is to if the 'community' steps up and starts producing 'apps' in ernest .

    It's hard to beat Apple's seemingly unlimited advertising budget!
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    As a former iPhone user, just looking at an iPhone makes me wonder how I survived with such a huge device.

    I strongly prefer the Pre.
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    WebOS has a lot of things in it's favor to be successful. First things first, the Pre is only the start, remember Palm will create multiple devices to house their great OS, WebOS. Second, multiple carriers will in time support WebOS it's just a matter of when. The iPhone is still locked to the horrific AT&T Network and pricing scheme. If WebOS can get a solid App Network it'll be a great platform for everyone.
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    As a recovering iphone user. Have to say that I don't really miss it. It took awhile, but getting used to the keyboard now. And yes everyone who sees it loves it.

    As far as sales go. I was in two different malls this weekend. All the sprint store both corp and independent. Had multiple people buying the Pre. Some single others atleast two at a time. And no Touchstones to be had. Once this goes international Palm will have an even bigger hit.

    Now Palm lets crank out those apps please.
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    I still love my iPod Touch 2nd gen. Really a nice device. Never thought the form factor would make a good phone though.

    Not to mention, ATT has a truly pathetic network - even compared to Sprint.
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    i have had similar occurrences over the weekend.. a lot of fanboy apple reviews say the iphone wins blah blah blah

    but when you are in a room with an iphone user and a pre user and you whip out the pre, there is no way you can say the iphone wins that battle, the pre is simply a better more amazing phone.

    holding an iphone after 3 weeks with the pre is comical.
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    I was expecting like, a battle of epic proportions in this thread, lolz. Like you actually did comparisons where you tried to look up something and you beat the iPhone.
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