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    This is an article on the battery of the iPhone 3gs. Sounds alot like the Pre's initial issues. Goes to show that once out of the gate, bugs happen.

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    I'd consider battery life issues less of a bug and more of a development issue. With smartphones we're asking them to do many things, and the more you do the more power you consume - unless you can develop some really smart algorithms to selectively shut down more functions of the device when not in use. And that will always reduce performance.

    The real solution is twofold: better (more powerful) batteries in the same form factors, and the real solution - more efficient chips and power usage for a given function. Internally to the device, the latter is the most important feature. Externally, with 3G or wifi connections, you need the first, because power needed is fixed by signal strength required.

    I wish my Pre had the same life as my Sanyo Kantana, but physics dictates it won't. So you live with that negative, while enjoying all the great things a smartphone does. For me, it's a positive trade - I've gained more with a Pre than I've lost, and I suspect many iPhone users would feel the same.

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