Let me start off by saving, I LOVE smart phones. I have used and purchased the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, Tmobile G1, and the Pre. All of these phones in my opinion have their strengths and weaknesses. That is why I wish I could get them drunk, take them to a seedy motel, and have them produce off-spring. That would be my perfect phone.

WebOS is the ****. There is no other way around it. Once you use it, it just makes sense. I love that I have a unified inbox, separate signatures for each email account, multi-tasking is brilliant, and the notifications are like the nectar of the Gods. However, I wish the build quality of the Pre was just a tad better.

The iPhone has that great build quality, but lacks the multi-tasking, notifications, and several of the other features that make WebOS so awesome. I don't know how many times I have wanted to swipe back on my iPhone only to find I have to press a software button to step back a page. Oh and there a ton of Apps in the App Store. While a lot of it is crap, there are some gems in there.

Finally the Tmobile G1. It also has some awesome notifications and widgets which reside on your phones desktop. The feature I want the most though, is the notification light near the ear piece. Blackberry has it, the G1 has it, why not the iPhone or Pre. It would be so nice not to turn on the screen everytime I wanted to see if I had an email, voice mail etc. I know vibrate exists on all three devices, but I want a light damn it!

So there you have it. While everyone comments I plan on building my super phone. Pre-orders in about a week.