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    Staples Price = $299.99
    Price Match with Amazon or OfficeDepot = -$100.00
    Add a cheap item
    $40 off $200 Coupon (find it somewhere) = -$40.00
    Final Price = a little over $160

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Yeah, its 199 in the UK (189 for a VPL to compare) which seems pretty cheap. But it doesn't have flash rom (which handspring bashers will be very familiar with!) and it has ppc3. ppc 2002 has just come out so its instantly obsolete. Best bet (I think) for a ppc is an ipaq 36xx which has flash rom and compaq will send you a cd with ppc 2002 on it for the cost of shipping, they have also come down in price, but only to about 310...
    Alan Millar

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