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    Link to Consumer Reports blog at bottom of post.

    Article seems to say the iphone got a slightly higher overall score than the Pre, helped by a "superior display", but the Pre's score was not far behind and the Pre was came out on top for messaging and multitasking (and some blackberry models were also signaled out for messaging).

    This seems fair.

    Article also said that the reviewers were having trouble creating tests for measuring reliable reception and have removed that score for now.

    iPhone 3G S tops new smart phone Ratings, edging out Palm Pre: Consumer Reports Electronics Blog
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    You know... the stuff that IPhone has that Pre doesn't have: downloadable content, landscape keyboard, video recording, voice control... will come to the Pre soon enough.

    But I don't see the IPhone having a physical keyboard or multitasking anytime soon, heh.

    Edit: And lol, the fact that IPhone is "married" to ITunes is such a turn-off. That and Quicktime exist as the most annoying programs on my computer.
    The fact that the Pre can connect to a not-updated ITunes is good because it CAN; it doesn't have to. Pre can also be a USB Drive.
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    I simply cannot trust a source that rates the BlackBerry Storm OR the Samsung Omnia higher than the Pre.
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    yeah pretty much every reviewer comparing the iphones display to the pre has said the Pre's looks sharper. also, how does phoning get better on the 3gs than the 3g? aren't they basically the same in this area?

    also, I think the Palm pre's navigation sets the new high standard in that category. Navigating with true multitasking is so much more intuitive than without. I went from my Pre to my Touch and i didn't know what to do without that gesture area!

    bleh, I guess it's all opinions anyway.s
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    I almost posted this stuff today. I signed up for CR for one month because I am going to be purchasing a 42"-46" LCD in the next week or two and I wanted to check out their ratings. After seeing their TV ratings and checking things out for myself and other internet sites I knew they were a bunch of tools. Their TV ratings are just as bad as those phone ratings.

    The phone reviews are short, missing a lot of content and pretty much off base IMO and I am not even a die hard like a lot of people around here.
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    The review seems fair to me. Sure the Pre didn't win, but that's because Consumer Reports can't measure upside potential.

    But they also didn't measure phone reception or build quality, so the Pre definitely escaped getting a much poorer score because of those weak spots.
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    Umm not to be the bearer of bad news but those images are copyright of CU and should be taken down.
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    I'm not sure what they're comparing against for voice quality. When I called my mom, she said that the sound quality was great...almost like I was talking to her in the same room. Also, the last number redial is pretty easy: bring up the phone app, hit the 'phone button' under the zero, and it dials the last number. Speed dialing is easy too.
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    The September issue of Consumer Reports included an article "Cell-phone face-off" that rated the iPhone 3GS and the Pre.

    The bottom line was "The iPhone 3GS has a slight edge overall and is the best for multimedia. The Pre is better if you do a lot of messaging and prefer a real keyboard".

    This seems pretty fair based on some features on the iPhone when compared to the Pre.

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