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    The bb OS seems antiquated compared to WebOS. Yes WebOS will need some updates to get some of the features that blackberries have, but I'm giving WebOS a year and then I'll be making the decision whether I'm going back to a blackberry as my next phone.

    I was very happy with my curve but for me, the pre is a welcomed change.
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    ill probably get one but im keeping my pre also. to the guy who says the tour has a higher res screen, yes thats true, but only by 40 more pixels. My friend has a tmobile 8900 which is the gsm version of the tour pretty much and i still think the Pre's screen looks better.

    I had a bold and that phone was AMAZING so i know the tour will be of the same caliber, but I digg my Pre waaaaay to much to let it go. Way too much. So im going to open up another line for a BB because I cant decide between the two
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