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    I really cant deal the battery issues and reception issues i'm having with my Pre. It only lasts 5-6hrs on standby mode and my work schedule is a 8-10hr shift. So its going back. I had a 8900 curve with tmobile before the Pre that I tried out that I really liked. Great phone and format but service in my area from Tmobile was horrible. So now that sprint is coming out with the tour I'll probably end up with it. I know it doesnt have wifi but thats not really an issue for me. I'm not to familiar with CDMA, Can anyone help explain? I know its intended for out of the US use, but will it help the reception within the US also?
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    You should get fine reception with the tour, I'm debating on getting this phone too after hearing about the pre, going to try and wait it out for the touch pro 2, thinking i might try that or at least like the option of trying the pre or the pro2. Last i heard pro2 should be a week or 2 away from launch but not hearing anything of it i'm a bit skeptical on when it's coming out. Current phone's lcd is busted but works so really need to find something.
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    Love Blackberry. The tour looks pretty cool. I know it is hard to wait, but battery issues will be worked out on the Pre in subsequent updates. My guess is you will see Version 1.1 of the OS in August. If you can't wait till then, you will be happy with Blackberry.
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    I'm on the fence as well. Current 8330 owner, I was looking at the Pre, but the complaints about the hardware issues... well, that's a major turn-off for me. All the other issues can be addressed via software updates, but hardware is hardware and the only way to fix it is to replace it. Not something I'm interested in doing with a unit that costs $200.
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    So i'm guessing CDMA is pretty much the old days of Analog? I live in Kansas and Sprint coverage can be an issue out in the middle of nowere so I'm guessing this phone will offer better coverage/reception or am I thinking of CDMA in a totally wrong way?
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    I don't know if you already know, but this is pretty much the replacement for the 8830 world edition, the tour is a world phone because it is cdma, and has a SIM card slot behind the battery, letting you take this to other countries that uses SIM card or GSM, of course given that you unlock it first.
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    The Tour is EDVO Rev A/CDMA 1900/850 and Quad Band GSM/EDGE so you should be able to use on GSM networks here in the US (assuming Sprint keeps the GSM side unlocked, like they have in the past). It is a replacement for both the Curve 8330 and the 8830 World Phone.

    Verizon will keep the GSM locked down hard like they did with the 8830 and the Storm. Sprint has a history of having the GSM side of their world phones unlocked so you can use them with local SIMs if you choose.
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