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    I think the model lines can be confusing.

    For example Treo, Treo 755p, and Treo PRO or Blackberry Curve 8330, Blackberry Curve 8350i, or Blackberry Curve 8350i w/camera, then 8830.

    While they're all different, for someone just browsing it's going to be difficult to differentiate the model numbers, let along remember which one feature is different for each. Give them all a name like Blackberry Curve. Then each successor should just be Blackberry Curve II, Blackberry Curve II, etc. 8830, 8350, etc. are easily crossed up. I had a friend that was having a problem with her Curve. I asked her which one, she had no idea.
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    Some people's needs/capabilities simply aren't up to the challenge of a smartphone. More than a few of those people pass through these forums - and it shows.
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    not confusing for me, then again im a techie lol
    palm pro > visor > m100 > visor prism > clie sl30 > zire 71 > dell X5 > toshiba E755 > clie NX70 > ipaq 2200 > Treo 700w (verizon) > Treo 700wx (sprint) > Treo 755p (sprint) > HTC Mogul > HTC Diamond > HTC Touch Pro > Pre
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    Yea, I'm not confused either.
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    I went to buy food at the grocery store, but I ended up not buying anything. There were too many choices. Why can't there be just one kind of fruit, one kind a veggies, etc?

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