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    The difference is largely technical. My understanding is that in order to multitask on the old Palm OS, you had to "trick" it in various ways to get it to work. This required a fair degree of skill on the part of the developer, and meant pushing the OS into doing things it was never designed to do. This led to a lot of instability.

    All modern smartphones (including the iPhone) ARE built to handle true kernel and application-level multitasking. In the case of the iPhone, however, Apple has put restrictions in place to not allow 3rd party applications to participate in this multitasking. (as has been discussed ad nauseum) This is not a technical limitation of the iPhone or it's OS. It was purely an Apple decision. (and I boo them heartily for doing it)

    The fact that WebOS "limits" multitasking in certain applications (such as the browser) has nothing to do with any technical limitation, but everything to do with being smart about battery and CPU usage. If I open a browser on the Pre and let it sit on a big nasty site with tons of javascript animations, there's absolutely no reason to keep the CPU active painting those animations (or hitting a server on the net loading ads) when I flip to another application. That's entirely reasonable in my opinion, and to do otherwise would be foolish.

    Your desktop PC isn't limited by the same CPU and battery constraints that a mobile device is. Therefore, decisions have to made about how to be smart with resource usage.
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    I bit on the Pre again when BB called saying they had one in because my wife doesn't tend to let me play with hers. What's 15 more per month? This one had no problems. 5th Pre (highly recommend taking a break if you have a string of bad Pre's and shop somewhere else later..nice only paying 199 at best buy too) So yeah, i got a Pre again and an iphone 3GS. Using call forward, i'll probably use the Pre around my home area (that has sprint evdo) and the iphone where i work that has at&t 3G coverage. Goes without saying i love both of these devices.

    You have to use common sense. Youtube would still be loading while paused, you wouldn't want it to play minimized.

    I suppose the main question is, are the Pre cards actually "running?" Certainly Pandora is and there's been no dispute there. Was thinking in Tweed i had to tap to refresh it. Email is push so it doesn't matter. Calendar auto syncs..doesn't matter. Same with contacts.

    Thing is, and you can check iphone forums, when you open a lot of tabs in iphone or cards in Pre, you can't be sure the webpage won't reload once you go back to it. Try it on either. Depends on how intense the webpage is too.

    If you don't push either one, keep a few open, then it works.

    The way i view the Pre is that the cards are basically bigger icons that you swap through and for the most part are paused in card state.

    Oh well, i'd argue if you know your device well, the time it takes to do a task is relatively the same on both devices. A better copy n paste might give the iphone the edge here. Although i'll know i got an email sooner on the Pre given its superior notifications and push. Even with mobileme on an iphone, you still don't get much of an alert for email.

    I love being able to put a Pre on a touchstone and seeing the notifications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samid View Post
    My question was, why is the pre considered to have multitasking and the iphone not. The pre does not behave like a computer at all. Surely your computer does not pause Youtube or Navigation when you minimize it. The iphone and the pre behave very much the same. Both have certain applications that allow for true multitasking, yet the iphone still preforms better. The iphone can multitask email and music and web, and like the pre, it will pause youtube if you switch out if it (or minimize it).
    the difference is, on the iphone, apple decides who gets to multitask, and everyone else gets paused when minimized / switched out. on the pre, the developer decides. i.e. the youtube developers are the ones who chose to have their app pause when you minimize, probably because they figured that gives the best user experience (i.e. you see the full video). as for music multitasking, AGAIN, the APPLE music app multitasks. others, such as pandora, do NOT.

    So what is the fine line between actual multitasking and app switching...They are totally different! Your computer never automatically pauses and app!
    there is no fine line. it does, or it doesn't. on the iphone, apple's apps do, nothing else does. on the pre, they all can, but some developers *chose* to pause. and my computer *does* automatically pause some apps (some of our in house engineering apps do exactly that, because that's the way we *chose* to implement it. just like you *can* on the pre.).
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    Lots of great responses. Thanks everyone. Seems like the main diff is that all apps on pre can CHOOSE to multitask.
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    Bump! What's a good app for this kind of thing? I already saw this thread ( but wondering if anything new has hit the marketplace...

    HandySwitcher - DinarSoft

    WkTASK - Task Manager and Program Launcher for Windows Mobile
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