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    I was asked by my brother as to what phone he should get. As a Dr he said they all have Iphones.

    He was off to buy an Iphone but I stopped him I thought what's available.

    Iphone is 185 for the 16gb version and is 35pcm for 600 mins, 500 text, plus unlimited internet. Available from o2.

    (In the UK the operators determine that 500mb is Unlimited - yes that's smacks at what Unlimited is but they argue on average that is what most people would ever use)

    Anyway back on topic.

    I then looked into the best smartphones. Currently the Google G2 / Ion / Mytouch 3G / HTC Magic is only available on Vodafone but it's been crippled - no MS Exchange support or Outlook sync.

    So unless I cook the ROM for my brother and install the HTC Ion ROM (which is not marketed as a Google Experience phone so includes some nice extra bits of s/ware) this is a no go.

    Then I looked at the HTC Touch Diamond 2 (he did not like a landscape slide out keyboard) - This hit all the areas - MS Exchange sync, Outlook etc and was available from independent stockists for free

    on 35pcm for the same bundles of data, mins and Text as above.

    However he did not like the resistive touchscreen.

    Blackberry / Nokia was a no go as he did not like their UI.

    I showed him the Pre - he was in love. He wanted it. But sadly there is no GSM version.

    The Pre would kick the Iphone into touch if its priced properly has Outlook and MS Sync out of the box (which I think it has).

    Also PALM must not let the operators make changes to their o/s. Please do not allow the likes of Voda to cripple the firmware and add their rubbish software.

    In the UK apart from say the Iphone virtually all the Smartphones are available for free on contracts of 35 pcm and up on 18 month contracts.
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    This thread is moved to Cross-Platform Chat because it is about:
    Treo vs. iPhone. Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry. This is the place for "What should I get" and "My smartphone can beat up your smartphone." Formerly the Smartphone Round Robin Forum.

    - Craig

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